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>> Friday, 24 August 2007

What's Your Reputation at Hogwarts? (26 different characters)

House: Gryffindor

Best Friend(s): Hermione, Fred, George, Blaise, and Cedric.


Harry: Thinks of you as a great friend and possibly more, but likes the energy the two of you have when you're joking around as friends.

Ron: Gets jealous of Harry when you two are together because he's had quite the crush on you for a long while, and Harry knows it. He once tried to approach you about the Yule Ball, but got sick and vomitted all over himself.

Hermione: Loves you like you were her own sister. You study together, do your hair together, and even stay in the same dorm.

Oliver Wood: Misses the fun you had together in the library (no, nothing perverted.) and still visits you over holidays.

Fred and George Weasley: Asked you to work as a third member at their shop because they love your sense of humor.

Seamus Finnigan: Used to like you, but figured you'd be better off as friends after he talked with Ron.

Neville Longbottom: Is nervous around you even though he doesn't like you as more than a friend. He once admitted to Harry that it was because of your natural beauty.

Dean Thomas: Thinks that sometimes you can be too kind to people who don't deserve it.

Ginny Weasley: Is slightly jealous of the chemistry you hold with Harry, but can't deny that she looks up to you.

Parvati Patil: Has a picture of you in her bathroom so that she can look just like you.

Padma Patil: Thinks her sister is stupid to be exactly like you, even though tries to shop at the same stores as you.


Cedric Diggory: Is a close friend of yours and wouldn't be anything near where he is today (or isn't?) without you.


Cho Chang: Loves to go shopping with you at Hogsmeade.


Draco Malfoy: Has only talked to you once, but still thinks you're a kind person even if you are in Gryffindor and even if he pretends he doesn't.

Crabbe: Doesn't really pay attention to you because he's always eating or sleeping.

Goyle: Same as Crabbe.

Pansy Parkinson: Does her make up like you so that she can look like you.

Marcus Flint: Wishes his teeth weren't so jacked up so that he could have a better chance with you.

Blaise Zabini: Sneaks out of his dorm at night to meet you in the library so you can talk without having any of his Slytherin friends interrupting.


Dumbledore: Is extremely proud of how far you've come since first year and hopes that you'll keep it up.

Professor McGonagall: Likes you a tad bit more than she does Hermione, which is saying something.

Professor Flitwick: Could go on and on [and he did (I had to cut the interview short)] about you and your generosity.

Professor Trelawney: Always predicts a bright future for you.

Professor Snape: Isn't nice to you, but he isn't particularly cruel either. As much as he denies it, you are one of his brightest students.

Filch: Is too busy taking care of his cat.

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