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>> Thursday, 2 August 2007


Juan Mann is an inspiration.

Joanne Teo! Go to Pitt Street Mall! And go hug a guy with beard and glasses holding the FREE HUGS cardboard sign! And take photographs! xP
I wanna join Free Hugs Campaign. There are some hugging stuff going on in KL, Bangsar... I hope it lasts! Cuz I wanna join! If it doesn't I wanna organise my own (hehehe) and recruit/paksa rela everyone I know to join me =D Or maybe I'll be like Juan Mann, be alone in the streets of Bangsar Village II... (shopping heaven, btw) Omg so scary.
Who wanna have some free hugs? I'm generous!
Oh, so THAT'S the reason why Sellors/Titan (I dont rmb which) have a sign "Free Hugs"? I thought they were trying to act cute/girlie cuz their sign is full of "love" haha.
Saya mesti mengekalkan enthusiasm ini supaya tidak bersikap hangat-hangat tahi ayam.


Imagine, John Lennon Tribute
...he sent it worldwide in 1971, the same year the first e-mail was sent.

Btw, should I straighten my hair? Cuz mommy couldnt stand looking at my frizzy pom pom hair (NOOOO my hair is not frizzy. actually sometimes when it's not rebellious it can be smooth =) just that it's pom pom) and wanted to straighten.
It's against my principle! Ok I know I hv weird principle. I just wanna have flatter hair, though volume is important too. I dont wanna hv flat hair and round face. Ughh. I know my hair is silky smooth la when I straighten xD but should I? WHAT IF I BECAME UGLIER THAN PRESENT??!!!
Hmm, maybe I should gamble my own hair.
I dont want like straight hair, the end also straight. I want it like curve in a little, or blunt end like Tracy Wong's! SERIOUSLY I LOVE BLUNT ENDS. It gives me the impression of... non-indecisive person. "I dont care I wanna eat sushi if you dont wanna sushi then break up la I go eat sushi myself!" Tracy's description of the 21st-century girlfriend.

Jo suddenly ask me about beautiful girls and stuff.
I wanna be confident. Cuz confidence = beauty. Seriously! I mean look at Oprah Winfrey xP Or umm someone closer like Si Hui! ^^ Mama Chen haha. I lurrrrrve it when she goes "puffy" x3 like a cream puff! And I lurrrrrve cream puffs!
(I'll bake some during holidays haha. Win Zee Goes Hell in the Kitchen. Seriously, the kitchen hates me =(

Oh look! 0212AM! I'm killin' myself. Alkene + H2 will become alkane. Alkene + water will become diol/alcohol dont rmb which.

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