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>> Friday, 3 August 2007

I think I'm in love! xD
Ok jkjk don't treat it seriously!
My favourite childhood friend (ok I don't exactly have one...) replied me! And he still remembers me, after, like, 7 years, and he's in New Zealand.
The reason I wanna go NZ is mostly because of him. Hah.
I'm old!
Omg damn cute la. I feel like I'm speaking to him. Like he speak very quickly and before I wanted to open my mouth to answer he already asked the next question lol.
Do you know how SATISFYING and SWEET it is for your favourite friend since 9 years old whom you did not contact for 7 years and migrated to somewhere else to remember you and be so sweeeeeet and friendly to you? x3
So, yeah, now you know why I'm "in love".
I'm more disorganized than Jo. Physically and emotionally. Bleahhh.

Blok F girls toilet is haunted. Enter in your own risk. Cuz they heard someone singing a happy song in the last cubicle. Haha I heard someone singing High School Musical's What I've Been Looking For! xD Damn funny. But that time there were people la.

Ooh we have an exchange student from Japan! She's not going to school though. What's so nice about Japan? I prefer to go to Europe, if I have the chance. Japan is too near xD I knew she was a Japanese because of the way she dresses. White blouse under blue smock (?), NIIIIICE skinny jeans, and black pumps. Very Japanese, definitely not Taiwan cuz they would be more lala.

Trials is just around the corner but I'm not that scared now, and so now, 7 days to trials, I'm onlining. Cuz I studied HAHA. Seriously, I hope all my results would be higher than 50! I HAVE NEVER ACHIEVED this ultimate schooling dream. Ahhhhhh. Jia you!

Some teacher is seriously rude. We went to ask for signature for the testimonial thingy. Do you know what she actually said to us?
"My hands are dirty." Period. With a looong face.
GAHHHHH!! I FEEL SO DISRESPECTED!!! Don't tell cuz we're still little kids, they eat salt more than we eat rice, blabla, so we should respect them. Ok, yeah, we should respect everyone but to dismiss us like THAT??!!! Couldn't she just say "Sorry, my hands are dirty."??!!! One word makes a difference ok.
PMS or menopausal? xD
Hmm, but I know that those people in the society will surely treat you like that. If the society is made of human, why couldn't they be friendlier and more respectful, so that we have a warm country (besides the weather)?


I want violin. Ginger Illusion again. Maybe I should buy that cologne, so that everything would be back in where it should be.

Mommy bought olive oil for me! Made in Italia. Haha.
I have soar throat. Clearing the throat or swallowing hurts a little. Lemon-flavoured sugar-free (but with sugar substitute - aspartame!) Fisherman's Friend is not helping. Bleahhh.

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