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>> Friday, 31 August 2007

Happy Merdeka, peepz.

Currently listening to: Me and Mrs. Jones - Michael Bublé

Overheard Lines
HAHAHA the funniest site I've ever been to. People are such funny creatures.
And I got a funniest forwarded e-mail ever.

I'm so freakin' harrassed. WTF. So this Mexican says all the normal stuff. I clicked accept invitation to view webcam. I mean, what's there to expect? AND I WAS PRAYING SO HARD and Murphy's Law actually came true. -__-;; The world's full of stupid horny deperados. Couldn't they just chase girls using Michael Bublé's voice decently? -__-;;

Merdeka never felt like Merdeka for the first time. Wow. Unpatrioticnya.

Michael Bublé is sexy. As in voice. MY GAWD.

Sejarah SUX. Physics SUX. Moral SUX.

And anyways I heard Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight in LiteFM a few WEEKS ago. (Michael Bublé's version is more romantic with Ivan Lins's solo in Spanish/wtv language it is and shorter.) I totally love the original lyrics! =3 (Why does this sounds so American...)

Wonderful Tonight
Eric Clapton
It's late in the evening, she's wondering what clothes to wear
She puts on her make up and brushes her long blonde hair
And then she asks me, "Do I look alright?"
And I say, "yes, you look wonderful tonight."

We go to a party and everyone turns to see
This beautiful lady that's walking around with me
And then she asks me, "Do you feel alright?"
And I say, "yes, I feel wonderful tonight."

I feel wonderful because I see the love light in your eyes
And the wonder of it all is that you just don't realize how much I love you

It's time to go home now and I've got an aching head
So I give her the car keys, she helps me to bed
And then I tell her, as I turn out the light
I say, "my darling, you were wonderful tonight
Oh, my darling, you were wonderful tonight."

It's every girls' dream to be said 'you're wonderful'.

I saw the blue tag on the form 4s. Ooh, blue. So you're a F4. And then I remembered then when we're in form 1 the form 5s are blue tag. And then I thought that next year they'll be in form 5, and then OH MY GOD NEXT YEAR I'M GRADUATING. The cycle starts again. The form 1s are yellow next year. AND WHERE WILL I BE?!
I'm old. Sighh.


I'm a September baby,

>> Monday, 27 August 2007

...if you're that ignorant.

Grabbed from Iyin's.

September Baby

Active and dynamic. Decisive and haste but tends to regret. Attractive and affectionate to oneself. Strong mentality. Loves attention. Diplomatic. Consoling, friendly and solves people's problems. Brave and fearless. Adventurous. Loving and caring. Suave and generous. Usually you have many friends. Enjoys to make love. (What the...) Emotional. Stubborn. Hasty. Good memory. Moving, motivates oneself and others. Loves to travel and explore. Sometimes sexy in a way that only their lover can understand. (Ooh)


Anyways school's tomorrow. Or today. Sighhh. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT HOLIDAY HAHA.

And I'm not reserved anymore. (Sorry kinda hyper now cuz some UGLY stuff happened.) (And no I'm not emo-ing; just being angry with myself.) But I'm gonna play some more with you, though it's like so impossible for you to actually fall for the trap.
And unless you become cute like what I imagined I'll keep playing with you.
Malaysia need to have more cute guys LOL. Maybe I'll migrate to Malta HAHA no jk.

CURSE MYSELF. ARGHHHHH. This is like the second time. Maybe there'll be a third or fourth time.
Oh God.



>> Saturday, 25 August 2007

My tummy is rumbling and I don't wanna go to bed with an empty stomach but I don't wanna fatten myself up SO I have no choice but to blog.

I went to the mall, since it's big sales time, to shop. Bought a pair of slippers and 2 bras. Both bras come with free undies. So I am a happy person now.

I'll show you the sneak preview of life. The thing is, there's no such thing as sneak preview in life. You get to do that, I bet you ain't no human anymore.

Sneak preview, eh? Can't tell you much, or rather, at all. I don't know what lies ahead just be extra careful. By the way, if you sneak in, you preview, that's cheating, okay? We don't support piracy. Still...

Your life is boring. Then you entertain yourself. You encounter this weird situation. You feel strange. After all the debates between the little angel and devil in you, you've decided to find out the truth behind all these by risking your life. It is absolutely dangerous. But after you've been through it, you find that these are actually exciting. Why? Cuz life is horny.

I'm trying to be random here. After all, it's ze Win Zee's syndrome.

Cheers to you who guessed correctly who I am. No prizes or cash will be awarded.

I'm still hungry. Blogging doesn't help.


Hogwarts love me.

>> Friday, 24 August 2007

What's Your Reputation at Hogwarts? (26 different characters)

House: Gryffindor

Best Friend(s): Hermione, Fred, George, Blaise, and Cedric.


Harry: Thinks of you as a great friend and possibly more, but likes the energy the two of you have when you're joking around as friends.

Ron: Gets jealous of Harry when you two are together because he's had quite the crush on you for a long while, and Harry knows it. He once tried to approach you about the Yule Ball, but got sick and vomitted all over himself.

Hermione: Loves you like you were her own sister. You study together, do your hair together, and even stay in the same dorm.

Oliver Wood: Misses the fun you had together in the library (no, nothing perverted.) and still visits you over holidays.

Fred and George Weasley: Asked you to work as a third member at their shop because they love your sense of humor.

Seamus Finnigan: Used to like you, but figured you'd be better off as friends after he talked with Ron.

Neville Longbottom: Is nervous around you even though he doesn't like you as more than a friend. He once admitted to Harry that it was because of your natural beauty.

Dean Thomas: Thinks that sometimes you can be too kind to people who don't deserve it.

Ginny Weasley: Is slightly jealous of the chemistry you hold with Harry, but can't deny that she looks up to you.

Parvati Patil: Has a picture of you in her bathroom so that she can look just like you.

Padma Patil: Thinks her sister is stupid to be exactly like you, even though tries to shop at the same stores as you.


Cedric Diggory: Is a close friend of yours and wouldn't be anything near where he is today (or isn't?) without you.


Cho Chang: Loves to go shopping with you at Hogsmeade.


Draco Malfoy: Has only talked to you once, but still thinks you're a kind person even if you are in Gryffindor and even if he pretends he doesn't.

Crabbe: Doesn't really pay attention to you because he's always eating or sleeping.

Goyle: Same as Crabbe.

Pansy Parkinson: Does her make up like you so that she can look like you.

Marcus Flint: Wishes his teeth weren't so jacked up so that he could have a better chance with you.

Blaise Zabini: Sneaks out of his dorm at night to meet you in the library so you can talk without having any of his Slytherin friends interrupting.


Dumbledore: Is extremely proud of how far you've come since first year and hopes that you'll keep it up.

Professor McGonagall: Likes you a tad bit more than she does Hermione, which is saying something.

Professor Flitwick: Could go on and on [and he did (I had to cut the interview short)] about you and your generosity.

Professor Trelawney: Always predicts a bright future for you.

Professor Snape: Isn't nice to you, but he isn't particularly cruel either. As much as he denies it, you are one of his brightest students.

Filch: Is too busy taking care of his cat.

Take this quiz!

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>> Thursday, 23 August 2007

I just met another soul mate.

Orhan Pamuk's Snow

I love TTDI library.

I'm inspirationless. Help. I'm not going to be the next Pulitzer prize winner =(
Studying is BORING.


All random.

>> Wednesday, 22 August 2007

These days, I'm online. Late at night. Chatting. Blogging. Boring.
I have serious Emotion Disorganized Syndrome.
Did I tell you about this chromosomal-mutated syndrome which will affect your hormone levels? Oh yes I did tell you.
(Don't have to check wikipedia. I'm your walking wikipedia.)

Met with a uhmm KID. From Malta, which is situated between Libya and Sicily. I don't know where's Libya but I know it's near Italy, cuz Sicily belongs to Italy xD He's 16, and is so cute, both the looks and the personality, like a kid la, so cute omg! xD Cute cuz he's not dirty not horny but just like a kid who knows what is MSN Messenger. I don't know who added who but that doesn't matter la. So yeah he's 16 and stays in a flat lol cuz he asked me for the description of my house. I was insecure but still roughly gave him the description. I mean, not like he'll come to Malaysia, to Selangor, to Petaling Jaya, to Taman Megah, to Jalan SS24/XX, to no.XX. He LURRRRRRRVES drawing and is good in it too! He loves cats and draws cats. SO realistic. He said he draws animals, abstract, and something I don't remember. I asked him how abstract is abstract, he says it's pretty easy to know what he's drawing lol. I asked him whether he thought of having a gallery of his own. He said if he kena lottery or get a sponsor but impossible cuz people don't appreciate arts. I don't know what does Malta people called, Maltan, Maltian, MALTESE?! So I just call them "people over there".

I can't believe I actually prepared myself, when it may be just a joke. Gah.

SOMEONE said SOMEBODY had a CLASS barbecue at his place, which is situated behind SOMEONE's house. If it's just birthday party then I don't mind but CLASS PARTY AND WE'RE NOT INVITED?!! Hey, it's a CLASS. Or so SOMEONE says.
Never thought someone in our class, after been through so many things, could be so cruel.
We had a sneak preview of life already. Great. We mature too fast.

I've handwritten an essay. Three and a half pages. I'm cruel, too.

Random trivia #1: Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria.
Random trivia #2: (for those ignorant ones) My nickname is Sofia.

I can't believe I downloaded all of Michael Buble's albums. IsoHunt rox. His voice is more, umm, how do you say it, firm? as years go by. His voice in Totally Buble album is quite soft, weak, compare to Call Me Irresponsible. And sounds not so deep. I think our hormones are weird. And sounds more British. Canadians usually speak like American. I wonder if Michael Buble speaks French xD
But still. He's so sexayy xD So much more sexier than your Carlos Marin, Waning dear. He's OLD and MARRIED xD
(Not like anyone of us wanna get married with Carlos and Michael. I mean, THEY'RE SO OLD. And it's paedophiling.)
"...a Me and Mrs. You" - Me and Mrs. You, Totally Buble

My EDS is sooooooooo serious, worse than Jo -__-;; I need anti-psychotic drugs. Prozac maybe. The only name I remember lol.
Speaking of Prozac, I skipped Chemistry tuition yesterday cuz I totally forgotten about it.
Oh, and speaking of that, I just saw my soul mate in Times bookstore.

Dreams of Water by Nada Awar Jarrar

Amazon only sells £3.99, approximately RM28 no delivery cst, paperback. T___________T Times sells a whopping RM89.90, hard cover.
And I heard a mommy scolding her anak not to lie and must ask mommy and ayah's permission to do something xD
You'll be my second true love if you buy for me the book x3


Don't Weep for Me

Dear Lauranne,

I hope you receive my letters; I’ve counted them, 365 of them, one for each day. Some are long, some are short. I hope you receive all of them. Initially I didn’t want to send you these letters, for you to read the cold, hard letters on the lifeless papers, because you deserve so much more than this.* I intend to tell you how much I love you when I get back. But I still send you the letters, I must send them. Tom died, my darling. Tom died. He went too close to the bomb. It exploded. After his death I don’t know whether I can live through this war, my dear. I don’t know whether I can go back to your arms, let you surround me, let me tell you how much I’ve missed you and how much I love you everyday.

I am unsure of life. America claims that we are ahead of our ‘enemy’ but this so-called victory sacrificed so many lives. I’ve seen the kids in the city running away when I approach them, only want to give them my share of meal. We invaded their country, their peace, their lives, my darling. It’s a guilty act, but ‘we must serve for the country’, that idiot in the Pentagon says. Every time I see the kids and women and old people escaping from our good intentions disguised in the brown uniform I feel heartache. Every time I see the adults fighting against us, willing to be killed than to compromise with their principles and save their country I couldn’t help but to salute them in my heart. They have the courage to protect their country, but I, I did not even think of protesting when being called out to war, to protest that it is not the right thing to do, that it is against everyone’s will to do this, that it is selfish and childish of us to this.

We may be winning the war, but we’re losing the simple, humane touch.

I’ve been transferred to the Kadhimiyah, the holy city in Shia Islam. The mosques are beautiful, all built luxuriously to serve Allah. The natives are afraid of our brown uniforms, our white skin, our blue eyes, our blonde hair. But they are not afraid of us, us who give them food and let them see the photos of our loved ones and the letters and our true feelings towards these people.

I let them see your picture, baby. I let them see how beautiful you are to me. They say you are beautiful, as beautiful as the moon and the stars above the Kadhimiyah skies, so peaceful and quiet, so sweet and kind, so perfect for me. I don’t understand their language, nor do they understand mine, but I know it by their smiles.

I cry in their arms. I let myself fall into their arms, let them hug me, comfort me and cry with me. I let my American mask peel off by itself, that mask that had the face of cruelty that has taken so many lives, so many loved ones and so many trust.

At that instant, I realized that love has no border.

I miss you so much, baby, so much that I couldn’t help but cry every night and think of you, thinking of how you make me feel so happy and grateful, when I see your smile, for getting to know you. I thank God everyday, for giving me the time and chance to know you and have you and love you.

Tom cried every night. He did not say anything about it, looking strong everyday, but I’ve heard sobbing quietly in the middle of the night. I often went to his bed, hold his hand and cry with him. He said he missed Gina, Jane, Jordan, and Joanne. He said he missed his mother and Gina’s father. He said he missed the home-baked pies and roses and tulips in his garden. He said he missed Gina’s hands on his face, looking straight into his eyes and assures him, you’re gonna be okay.

Gina was calm when I told her the news through the phone in a grocery store. She said she already prepared herself for the worst. Her father and his mother were devastated, she told me. I asked, what are your plans? She will continue with life like it used to be, without a partner-in-crime, she joked bitterly, and cried.

Darling, I’m so afraid. I’m so scared that I couldn’t see your face anymore. I’m scared that I couldn’t see your eyes anymore. I’m scared that I couldn’t hold you tight, kiss you, touch you, and tell you how much I missed you, how much I love you.

I know you pray to God every night, and I know He answered all your prayers. But I know that someday all these will end; He has so many prayers to answer, my darling. Don’t cry, baby, don’t cry. I am not being cynical. We have to face the possibilities of the future and prepare ourselves for the worst. You know that better than I, I know you do; for you have been through so much before we met.

Baby, when I don’t get back, please do not weep for me. I don’t want to see your sad tears, I couldn’t bear the pain. Tell my family, don’t be too sad, for I will look upon them in heaven and always bless them. Tell my little brother, to always remember me and don’t slack on his studies. Tell my big sis, that I bless her and Pierre, and that I wish them all the best. Tell my girlfriends before you, that I’ve loved them before, and that I won’t ever forget them, nor do they should. Tell all the people I know, that they have always been in my heart, always. Tell the pleasant old lady in the grocery store after the left turn, that she is beautiful and I do not lie. Tell her husband, that I love him for teaching me how to fish and cook them. Tell your girlfriends, that I am not snobbish or arrogant, but that I am just shy. Tell your boyfriends before me, that I am not jealous of them but thank them for moulding you into who you are, the you whom I will love forever.

Don’t cry, baby, don’t cry. Do not shed your tears if I leave. I will be just moving on to a better place, a place where there will be no more war. I know I will be going to heaven if I could not be saved, baby, because I am not sinned, and because you always pray for me.

Thank you, baby, for being with me through the toughest of times. Thank you for being with me through the sweetest of times. Thank you for your arguments, for you have made me into a better man. Thank you for your love, darling, and thank you for assuring me that you will be Mrs. Lee. However I am unsure that you can be Mrs. Lee, nor can I assure you that the children you will bear later in life will have my last name. Please, if I happen to leave, don’t hold on to me too long. Move on, my dear. Find a man you can trust and love. Marry him. Have his child. I will not be jealous of him, because I know you have loved me before, and having to experience your love, even for only three years, I am already satisfied, and I have nothing to regret in my life. Yes, I want you to be my wife, to tell you ‘I love you’ everyday, to make love to you on our wedding night, to have our children. I want us to stay not far from our parents, in a little cottage surrounded by our garden, and the kids can play in the yard and go to school. I want us to get old together, that we become grandpa and grandma, sitting in rocking chairs, holding hands, no talking, because I will know what you are thinking, and you will know what I am thinking. We will wait for God to pick us up together and bring us back Home. I want to do all these with you, but I am already satisfied. I am grateful for having to love you and be loved by you, and having you in my life.

Baby, you know I love you so. Please don’t forget me, and don’t weep for me. I will smile upon you in heaven, and I will see you in your dreams, listen to you telling me your stories, even though I already know them. Please, baby, don’t cry or me. I always love you, I always will, and this is my promise to you.

Baby, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you , I love you , I love you.

Love and always yours,

Inspired and based on the Iraq war which began on March 20, 2003. Pray for the soldiers and the natives. Forgive/curse the ones who made it happen.

Notes: This essay is 3 1/3 pages in Microsoft Words, has 1550 words, 6234 characters without space, 7765 characters with space, 1531 spaces, 17 paragraphs, and 110 lines.
This essay has 23 'I love you's, 18 in the last paragraph, 10 'baby's, 5 'darling's, and 2 'dear's.
I had the inspiration yesterday but I left it aside. I write this essay longhand 4 pages non-stop.
I LOVE the name 'Lee' xD
*From Home from It's Time by Michael Bublé. A MUST-LISTEN.



Another summer day has come and gone away in Paris and Rome
But I wanna go home

Maybe surrounded by a million people I still feel all alone
I just wanna go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

*And I've been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two "I’m fine baby, how are you?"
Well, I would send them but I know that it’s just not enough
My words were cold and flat and you deserve more than that

Another aeroplane, another sunny place
I’m lucky, I know, but I wanna go home
I’ve got to go home

Let me go home, I’m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

And I feel just like I’m living someone else’s life
It’s like I just stepped outside when everything was going right
And I know just why you could not come along with me
'Cause this was not your dream but you always believed in me

Another winter day has come and gone away in even Paris and Rome
And I wanna go home
Let me go home

And I’m surrounded by a million people I still feel all alone
Oh, let me go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

Let me go home
I’ve had my run, baby, I’m done
I gotta go home, let me go home
It will all be all right, I’ll be home tonight
I’m coming back home

- It's Time, Michael Bublé


Randomness 02

>> Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Watched Rush Hour 3.

IT'S SO FUNNY. Quite adult but rated U lol.
I LURRRRRRRRRRVE THE FRENCH TAXI DRIVER. Carter is threatening him to drive the cab since George doesn't want to fetch Americans. And when those people came to chase them Carter tells George, "you are an American spy. You are an American spy." And he drives so quickly Lee and Carter are surprised lol. And when both of them comes out from the French Ambassador George came. "I want to fetch you all around free of charge. I finally know how the Americans are like. I want to kill people for no apparent reasons."

Then later I bought a pair of jeans and decided to GO ON DIET OMG CANT STAND MYSELF.
I love the stitchings at the back pockets! x3

(These days I'm addicted to taking photos like that xD)

Chatting with a guy from Malta. 16. So child-like! Omg so cute la! x3 Oh and he IS cute, as in face.

Less topics to talk about now. A dinosaur. Sarcasm. Lameness. Childish. Boredom. 'My dear'. FLIRT?! Oh, since the first time. Apparently I preferred to refer it as a joke, even though I know perfectly it's a flirt.
Waning is great at flirting. -__-;; I'm pretty naive and innocent HAHA. And I stick to my principles and rules VERY closely. Ahaha syok sendiri aje.
Oh gosh Emotion Disorganized Syndrome. Or you may call it Win Zee's Syndrome. Oh look Win Zee's gonna be famous and be awarded Noble prize lol. I'm diagnosed with Emotion Disorganized Syndrome since... form 3. Yes, form 3. HAHA.



>> Monday, 20 August 2007

Ok so i was bored.
Chatting with 3 different people is not tiring.
And anyways I'm like getting a sneak preview of LIFE. And relationships and alcohols. And new words lol.
So I decided to be in form 6 and DIE. LOL.
Waning finally knows how sexy Michael Bublé is HAHA.
I think I've discovered a talent HAHA. No la just kidding. Syok sendiri.
I'm cursed. I have to belanja my so-called sifu (oh no! i just said the forbidden word HAHA) lol. No just kidding again.
I don't know trigonometry. To be exact, I forgot about trigonometry -__-;;
Jo says that someone holds a party we're not invited and she's angry. I'm pretty robotic. Ok la I'm unemotional about these things. Cuz we have never been a family. (omg why sound so emo.) If there's cliques it means we're not really that together. Iish sounds so emo when I don't feel emo at all. Uh yeah if there's cliques it means we're divided and if we're divided means we're not a family. I mean it's almost impossible to be a family like this when people hate people.
Know what I dont know what to say already LOL.
Michael Bublé's voice is so gentle so sweet SO SEXAYY. MY GOD. Of course I learn not to judge a person by his voice HAHA. I know I'm evil lol. I JUST DAMN LOVE HIS VOICE. You seriously have to listen to Feeling Good and Comin' Home Baby. So sexy.
"I'm pressin' on baby now" xD
I just drank oversweet tea. Added too much sugar cuz I thought it was too bitter -__-;;
You know what someone can look at snakes for five minutes.
And I think I have to meet someone in the pet shop LOL.
Ming Tien's food not nice la. The char koay teow is so OILY I feel so pening after eating. And the other so much Ajinomoto or MSG and I also feel so pening.
Haha too sensitive HAHA.
Waning is not that dumb either HAHA. No Waning don't ask me what it is. It has to do with that unknown identity guy. ;)
DONT MISUNDERSTAND PEOPLE. I don't like this unknown identity guy as in I don't have a crush on him. Must control my feelings though. I'm very uhh something dunno how to explain but you know la.
Polish (language) is weird. It puts off me. O_O
Waning these days is very HORNY and BORED. My goodness.
I realized that if I know you and I'm feeling alright with you I won't feel very offended if you're flirting or talk a little dirty.
Haha and so I realized I'm pretty hard to handle -__-;; Sadness later I cannot get a guy LOL.
Kz. It's 0309AM. Gtg. Nightz.


This is gonna be long.

>> Sunday, 19 August 2007

Ok so there's some connection problem yesterday night. I blogged, mana tau tak boleh connect balik. So I have to forfeit the whole thing and type it ALL AGAIN. Sadness.

Went to school today for production of baby NOSTALGIA. Yes I know how the cover and every form 5 adult pages look like. ;) And we got McD breakfast set! Haha! But I don't really like McD but still eat. Eating machine lol.

'My dear's is very English. Feel so small when called 'my dear'.

I'm chatting with this guy I met in TWOU and he's sooooo sweet! Or maybe cuz he doesn't flirt lol. Or maybe he flirts in another way HAHA but anyways yea he doesn't call me 'sweetie' (Malaysian mah, conservative a bit LOL) and he's so decent and funny and so sweet x3
He encouraged me to drink *cough* alcohol and taught me "Life's Hidden Trap" HAHA.
And btw I realized horr those English songs right which are talking about girlfriends, getting them back, tell them they're beautiful, whatsoever, they use 'baby' instead of 'sweetie' or 'darling' or 'dear' or 'honey' or 'suga' or whatever.

You know what I think I'll stick to form 6. You go clubbing in college! And what if you had sex? I know to some people it'll be nothing cuz they are more open (really? hmmm...) or they already had sex during secondary school or wanted to be like everybody else or whatever reasons. What if you got pregnant and your boyfriend claimed that he doesn't know you? I know to some people it'll be nothing cuz they are more open or they already had gazillion times of abortion or they wanted to have children or whatever reasons.
Tsk tsk killing is bad.

I have so many different passwords for so many different accounts I don't remember which is for which -__-;;

I'm currently compiling a list of Sexiness. HAHA. No la currently started two only: Sexy People and Sexy Songs. Used 'sexy' cuz it sounds more... sexy?! No la just felt like using sexy cuz Jo said I have a flair for sexy guys LOL. I think that this statement would define me perfectly: WINZEE LOVES SEXINESS. SHE DROOLS OVER SEXINESS.
But the List of Sexiness is not about sexiness la. Just things I love hehe.

A note to Waning:



So I'm gonna tell you a story. An angry story. Waning knows the front part already. So on Trials Eve I played O2Jam (forgive me la) and then there's this guy who hooked up on me and asked for my number. I didn't wanna, so he gave me his and asked me to miss call him. So the next day after I came home I decided to SMS him instead of miss call. Then I was so bored I called and listened to his voice. So chinese. So he asked me when we can meet. Then he asked me whether we could couple up and I coughed (that was during BM tuition). Then he asked me whether I know anything about masturbation. I didnt reply cuz teacher was talking, and he called and I ended the call. So anyways I told him to call during midnight. He called at 0057AM but I didn't pick up cuz #1 NOBODY SHALL INTERRUPT WITH MR. BUBLE AND HIS MRS. JONES and #2 I'm lazy to take away my headphone and #3 I'm not ready yet.
The next day he called twice.
The days later I was actually waiting for his call. ARGH DAMN STUPID LA. So I decided to use Waning's uh words: "Are you angry at me?"
(All in Chinese and translated and edited to shorten lol)
ThatGuy: Are you Sofia? (it sounds so weird. winzee = sofia?)
Sofia: Yeah.
*something else*
ThatGuy: Umm I wanna ask you something I asked you long ago.
Sofia: *omgomgomgomg is he gonna ask me to be his gf omgomgomgomg* What?
ThatGuy: Ni shi bu shi tzzzztzzzz
Sofia: Huh?
ThatGuy: Ni shi bu shi tzzztzzzz
Sofia: Can you speak louder? *what's wrong with the connection*
ThatGuy: Are you a tzzztzzz
Sofia: HARH?!!
ThatGuy: Are. You. A. Virgin.
Sofia: (I was writing) Ummm YEAH? (Cursing on paper)
ThatGuy: True or not? ;)
Sofia: Yea la (Cursing on paper)
ThatGuy: Why masturbating disturbing? (I told him in SMS that masturbating is disturbing)
Sofia: Cuz it's disturbing la.
ThatGuy: How?
Sofia: Sometimes I thought about it blablabla and then sometimes my friend will talk about it
ThatGuy: Oh so you got think about it la? ;)
Sofia: Uh no? (Cursing on paper)
ThatGuy: I know you got think la. Got or not?
Sofia: NO (Cursing under breath)
ThatGuy: You got do or not?
Sofia: No.
ThatGuy: True or not?
Sofia: *GAAAAAAHHHHHHH* No I didn't do.
ThatGuy: Hehehe later when we meet I must da ni pi gu.
Sofia: *WTF* Oh haha.
ThatGuy: So ni yao bu yao gen wo zuo?
Sofia: Zuo shen me? *act innocent*
ThatGuy: Zuo nage la. *shy shy* *WTF*
Sofia: Uh no.
ThatGuy: You wanna be my girlfriend or not?
Sofia: No. Currently I'm studying all those craps la.
ThatGuy: Then... I wait for you 5 years.
Sofia: *counts* *supposed-to-be 22* Umm too early.
ThatGuy: Then ten years enough gua?
Sofia: *counts* *supposed-to-be 27* Umm see first.
ThatGuy: I wait for you yeah.
Sofia: See first see first.
I stared at my book. All those curses. Then I screamed in paper and scolded him for 1 page HAHA. A4 size btw.
So this sweet guy say guys in college will pikat you you reject he will still pikat you and claims that you're his girlfriend and all other guys will be frightened away. So I wonder if ThatGuy is like those guys. Damn innocent and naive la. MY GOD what if the girls (not me) couldn't get married?! OMG sadness.

Random: Guys in suit are just so SEXAYY.

The Best is Yet to Come is so flirty.
Me and Mrs. Jones is heartaching. I felt like hugging him. I mean he loves her she loves him BUT THEY'RE BOTH MARRIED. How can you accept that? They can only meet at the café everyday at 6.30.
Comin' Home Baby is full of babies LOL. Baby's, not babies. So sexy.
Lost is so end-of-the-world lol.
Call Me Irresponsible is so flirty and sexy. It's like he was running away from the girl the girl chasing him and then when she caught him she bit him HAHA. Seriously I feel like biting him HAHA.
Everything is such a cute song! ^^
I've Got the World On a String sounds like he's VERY madly in love lol.

You Don't Know Me is a virgin song LOL. "For I don't know the art of making love..."
Quando, Quando, Quando means "When? When? When?" in Italian. (Michael Bublé has an Italian grandfather! So now you know why his last name is so weird xD) SO SWEET SO ROMANTIC OMG.
Save the Last Dance for Me is nice. Especially the lyrics! Guy lets girl have fun with other guys but never "give your heart to him". So me. I don't wanna be restricted haha.
You and I is niiiiiiiiiiiiice. SO ROMANTIC SO PRIMITIVE lol cuz "God created us". Sounds like Adam and Eve.
Dream a Little Dream is SO SEXY.

Btw I watched Tarzan for the insertanumberTH time HAHA. Tarzan's eyes are so deep. DEEEEEEEP. Such a sweet story! I wanna watch Anastasia again. I wanna watch Perfume and Disturbia (Shia LeBeouf is so cute) and PERFECT STRANGER and RATATOUILLE.

Did I tell you that Sejarah sux and I'm gonna fail? Did I tell you that Physics sux and I'm gonna fail?


The Last Romanovs

>> Sunday, 12 August 2007


Currently listening to: You and I - Michael Bublé

I'm so bored that I abandon Biology, come online, listen to Michael Bublé's It's Time album, reply some e-mails, and stare at this empty blogging space.
What should I blog about? Life's pretty the same. Biology is borrrrrrrrring. Sejarah is, umm, alright. Chemistry, gahaha, lazy to study, especially Electrochemistry. I sucked in that chapter, all the ionic equations. Learning Redox is helping but not much. Physics, well, I learned lens and pressure and I'm so proud of myself but my form 4 chapter 2, the basic, sux. Form 5 chapters haven't touch a bit. Bleahhh. Radioactivity should be easy.

My Aim for Trials:
BM --------- B3, 60
BI --------- A1, 75 x(
Add Maths -- B3, 65 (70 would be chunted)
Maths ------ A1, 80 (my maths is deteriorating like merde)
Biology ---- B4, 55 x(
Chemistry -- B3, 60 (is 60 a B3?) (OMG)
Physics ---- B3, 60
Sejarah ---- B3, 60 (OMG)
Moral ------ A2, 70
EST -------- A2, 70
BC --------- A1, 75
So, yes, in SPM I'll get 5A1s 5A2s 1B3. Wow fantastic results -__-;;

I realized I've been really sarcastic these days. Not Exam Syndrome la.

Love = drugs = addicting.
Go read today's The Star's Fit For Life. Seriously scary stuff.

Government should let like 2007 form 5 school leavers go to NS, not 1990-born babies.

Eh, Rasputin appeared in Anastasia movie. So... Anya (I love her name!) is a Russian? But wikipedia's Rasputin says nothing about Anastasia.
Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia, which is Anya in the movie.
Nicholas and Alexandra - The Last Romanovs - Anastasia Romanov and Anna Anderson
Her brother, Alexei, had haemophillia.
Anna Anderson and Anastasia do resemble...
Hah in the movie Anastasia escaped when she was little and her grandmother was still alive. In reality she uh maybe? escaped Death when she was 17. Sejarah textbook says nothing about The Last Romanovs and The Last Tzar and Anastasia! It's so much interesting than Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife who was killed by a Serbian pengganas.
I remember foreign stuff, not local. Sadness for Malaysia to have such citizen. -__-;;

Learn to Do it (Waltz Reprise) IS SOOOOOOOO ROMANTIC. VIOLIN!!!!
Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart is niiiiiice.

I'm so going to buy a book about those people.


So's - Of boys and boredom.

So. Waning wanted me to blog.
So. I have to shorten my sleep.
So. I have YUCKY skin.
So. I complain and complain and complain and whine and whine and whine.
So. Nothing happens.

So. I was bored.
So. I played O2Jam and waiting for Maple patch thingy.
So. I joined dating site and friends site.
So. I knew some people.
So. Some are nice.
So. There's this Brit who claims to be 37-year-old but actually he's much younger.
So. We contacted each other (message la) and he's so sweet!
So. I added him in MSN.
So. We chatted.
So. He called me 'sweetie' like others.
So. I was a little offended but not so offended 'cause we contacted each other before.
So. He calims to pick up a phone call.
So. Now he haven't chat finish with his friend.
So. I'm gonna abandon that window and concentrate on blogging.c

So. Other stuff happens too.
So. I was evil.
So. I was a coward.
So. Other stuff of other stuff happened.
So. Some regrets.
So. I tried to get back.
So. I prepared myself for the worst.
So. I have to get on with everything not like it's so devastating.

So. I'm online not because of boredom but waiting for some things to happen.
So. If it happened, it's a miracle.
So. As people say, miracles do not happen.
So. Not everything follows your wish.
So. Maybe I gotta put down and forget.
So. I wonder, if I didn't do those stuff, maybe I won't be staying up late now, at 0331AM.
So. Maybe it would be really nice, if I didn't do those stuff.
So. I wish, that miracles happen.
So. Tomorrow is another day, another hope for miracle.

So. I have an annoying alter ego.
So. Since I'm bubbly to everyone, my alter ego is EMOness.
So. I opened a chinese blog.
So. You wanna know the address?
So. I'm not gonna tell you.
So. I can stay true to myself, selfishly.
So. I can whisper to myself, selfishly.
So. Now you know Win Zee the Fishmonger.
So. Stop clickety click.
So. Get on with your life; don't have to click every chinese blog to see if it's Sofia or Win Zee or 尹绮 or 绮 or 苏菲雅.

So. I'm currently in love with Michael Bublé.
So. I'm flower hearted.
So. What?
So. I'm constantly being hugged.
So. I'm imagining Mr. Bublé and Mrs. Jones.
So. I love tenors.
So. You just knew I love tenors?
So. Do you know that Erik from Phantom of the Opera is a tenor?
So. That's what Gaston Leroux said.

So. What's with the so's?
So. Just feel like it.


Me and Mrs. Jones

>> Saturday, 11 August 2007

Michael Bublé, Call Me Irresponsible, 2007

Me and Mrs Jones, we got a thing going on
We both know that it's wrong
But it's much too strong to let it go now

We meet ev'ry day at the same café
Six-thirty I know she'll be there
Holding hands, making all kinds of plans
While the jukebox plays our favorite song

Me and Mrs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones
We got a thing going on
We both know that it's wrong
But it's much too strong to let it go now

We gotta be extra careful
That we don't build our hopes up too high
'Cause she's got her own obligations and so do I

Me and Mrs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones

Well, it's time for us to be leaving
And it hurts so much, it hurts so much inside
And now she'll go her way and I'll go mine
But tomorrow we'll meet at the same place, the same time
Me and Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones

p/s Fall in love with Canadian, Vancouver-ian 31-year-old Mr. Bublé and feel heartaches. Awww don't cry =(


Me and 5 Balau 2007

>> Friday, 10 August 2007

Currently Listening to: Michael Buble - Dream

'Tis The Day Before Trials. The date shows 10th August but no, it's 0137AM of 10th August but to me it's still the 9th.
I bought F4 Sejarah textbook! It feels so good to have a new book. It had been, like, years since I have my own textbook haha.
Michael Bublé's Wonderful Tonight is niiiiiiiiiiiiice. SOOOOOOOOO romantic. I think it's Spanish, the solo part. Oh, Ivan Lins, some guy, solo-ed it. I think Michael did sing some parts. Not native enough lol.
Me and Mrs Jones (yea la I know grammar wrong) is sooooo romantic that I think having marital affairs is so romantic.
The Cause of Win Zee's Marital Affairs: Michael Bublé's Me and Mrs Jones.
Practically the album is nice! If only he's not an American or sings like an American. Cuz it sounds very pop-ish cuz he sings 'jukebox' like 'jukeBAHX' -__-;;

I'm not gonna emo. Not exactly emo-ing. Cuz emo = depressed because of some indescribable reasons lol.

In about 4 months, we're gonna part. Approximately 120 days. Can you believe it? We're gonna leave each other, walk our own paths. We might forget those we knew and can only look at our photos and point at them and say, "Yeah, she/he was in 4/5 Balau before but what's her/his name again?" Ah, this is just something we must go through. We've been through this 5 years ago! But this split seems so painful. T____T We were so close, like a family! I miss the drama days. Ok so there had been some complications but still! family comes together right?

(Joanne Teo you won't understand unless you're empathetic and understand what I'm trying to say cuz my command of language is not good enough to say what I'm feeling right now. I feel strong emotions LOL that's why I'm pretty insensitive.)

PARTING! Am I exaggerating again? -__-;; The pain. Not excruciating, just xin1 teng2, like throwing away your baby photos - MEMORIES!

I must say, I'm making it all so painful -__-;; Drama Queen Princess.

"Don't cry because it had come to an end. Smile because it happened."

The thing that it's so hard! Memories and bonds coming to an end aren't just something you can say in 13 simple words. Even though I wanna be xiao1 sa3 but it's not in my genes (I know they couldn't find any genes of personality in the DNA so it's tabula rasa or sth which means people are born and they're like a paper - empty).

Maybe this feeling is just now, cuz after trials it's program minda and after program minda it's holidays and after holidays it's SPM and after SPM it's holidays! and after holidays it's prom and after prom it's holidays! again and after holidays we're not the same again. Some (almost all) go to college, January or March intakes, a small amount go to form 6 and suffer, some go to NS (and Win Zee envies), some work part-time (Win Zee is in this group until school reopens), some wanna have gap year(s), some practically don't wanna study they just wanna degenerate start a business of their own and get rich.

Practically, we're taking different roads. In the end, we might not meet again. At all.

OMGGGGGG I'M MAKING THIS SO HARD FOR MYSELF. I bet there's someone reading this and laugh cuz for the first time ever (I think), Win Zee finally emo-es on her blog. Some might cry cuz it's funny. Gah. I don't even know why I'm feeling sad x( I must be optimistic. Optimistic for what? So that we may meet again after we part?

Ah, I finally thought of something I read on somebody's essay on Xue Hai.

"If the reason for us to meet again is to part, and the reason we part is so that we could meet again, then I prefer to be a shepherd who waits for the summer (literally; I'm too lazy to interpret it plus I don't really remember the words)."



>> Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Currently listening to: Me and Mrs. Jones - Michael Buble

You scored as Psychology/Sociology, You should strongly consider majoring (or minoring) in Psychology, Sociology, or related majors (e.g., Counseling, Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology, Social Work, or other social science majors).

It is possible that the best major for you is your 2nd, 3rd, or even 5th listed category, so be sure to consider ALL majors in your OTHER high scoring categories (below). You may score high in a category you didnt think you would--it is possible that a great major for you is something you once dismissed as not for you. The right major for you will be something 1) you love and enjoy and 2) are really great at it.

Consider adding a minor or double majoring to make yourself standout and to combine your interests. Psychology and Sociology are both great minors to add to any major. Please post your results in your myspace/blog/journal.





























created with QuizFarm.com

Great! Something to confuse me -__-;; Never mind I have like 2 more years to decide.
Mass Communication or Psychology??!!! I want both, but you can't do double degree in Malaysia. Gah.

Pn. Lim is such a sweet mommy! She has a godson sponsored child in Mongolia who is now 10 years old. The thing she likes about this programme is the stamps. HAHA. And the most generous of all teachers we (Jo and I) asked from - RM10, each! x3
"I always thought Mongolia is a poor country, until the recent case (Altantuya). The boy didn't get a chance to study."
"What's his name?"
"I don't remember la, the name so long."
I wanna sponsor a child too! x3 Pn. Lim you are such a sweet full-of-scary-aura Biology teacher.

We went for a seminar today. By Daniel F. Kelch. From INTI College. About Student Success Skills or something like that. Pn. Mary Ann says he passed his SAT almost perfect score. We thought he was young! Apparently, he must be over 50, maybe even 60, since he's been Malaysia for 32 years.
I really like how he put exams: *holds up paper to Huey Wei* Are you afraid? Are you afraid? Are you afraid?!
Oh, obviously we're not.
He teaches us to be vaaaaaain. "I am successful!" Haha. But talking to mirror/self in the mirror really works. If you look at the mirror and say, "I will not eat chocolates today," whenever you feel like eating chocolate - you open the fridge and look for chocolate. Ah, Fererro Rocher! Just when you touch the box you feel like puking, even though you crave for it. You have to force yourself to eat it y'know.

I can't believe I downloaded Michael Buble's Call Me Irresponsible. I was too bored la. Isohunt is a wonderful bittorent site hehe. Hmm I can't find Home.
The Feeling's 12 Stops and Homes is not downloading! Where are all the seeders and peers anyway?!
Me and Mrs. Jones is niiiiiice. So 60s, so romantic~~~~~~
I'm Your Man is jazzayy, sexayy, so 80s. x3

Exams in 2 days.
Sejarah. Biology. Physics. HELP!



>> Sunday, 5 August 2007

幼 — 轉題(二)
粗 — 轉題(三)

圓又大的月亮 — 轉題(三)
彎彎的月亮 — 轉題(四)

大 — 轉題(五)
小 — 轉題(六)

紅色 — 轉題(五)
藍色 — 轉題(六)

有 — 轉題(六)
沒有 — 轉題(七)

會 — 轉題(九)
不會 — 轉題(十)

上車 — 轉題(九)
拒絕 — 轉題(十)

年紀大五年以上的男性 — 轉題(七)
年紀相若的男性 — 轉題(十一)

朋友很多 — 轉題(十)
朋友很少 — A型

一大班朋友慶祝 — B型
與男朋友兩人慶祝 — C型

是 — C型
否 — 轉題(十二)

會 — D型
不會 — E型


















11‧經過一番折騰,體力慢慢恢復,但你的心裡卻閃過一陣隻身在異鄉的孤獨感,  請問你會如何渲洩自己的情緒?



14‧飽餐一頓之後,你因為肚子實在很撐,又加上用餐的餐廳離住宿的地方不遠,   所以決定散步回去,請問你走了多久的時間?







Happy Point:婚姻伴侶.晚輩

Happy Point:同事.長輩

Happy Point:兄弟姐妹.同學

Happy Point:主管.朋友

Happy Point:父母.情人





A 较为随意的花式折法
你是个情窦初开,对爱神的降临充满渴望的清纯少女吧(或少年)!虽然你折信纸的方式看上去随心所欲,其实颇费思量,不用说是希望以此采取悦对方,对吗?或者,你可能是个情场常客,懂得利用怎样的方式打动对方,那你真是够聪明的人了!不管怎样,你对爱的期盼是人之常情,且能刻意为对方带来意外惊喜,真是个 “性情”中人!不过,别因为爱情而不食人间烟火,为了对某个人的爱而忘却生命其实还应有别的意义,最后反而可能落得个一无所获的下场,小心点

B 对折,再对折一次

C 横折,把信纸上对方的称呼露出来,便于收信人一眼看见

D 折成小方块,在信封中只占一点位置




1. 門沒關好被風吹開

2. 該不會有鬼吧

3. 自己剛剛忘記關門




A. 你對什麼事都很認真的考慮,也尊重別人的心情。因此是個不會傷害到對方的人。但太過於認真,會使交往的很不自然,容易讓對方有壓迫的感覺。畢業後的交往要好好努力繼績維持才好。要知道玩樂的愉快對妳很重要的。

B. 你是任性自然,會與對方和好相處,但實際上卻不是如此,因為妳對不喜歡的人即使心裏不願意,但表面上也會裝得很要好的樣子。所以覺得不合或不喜歡時,要明確的向對方表達意見才是最重要的。

C. 妳對合得來的人以及合不來的人,分別得很清楚。對年長、前輩、聰明的人是很合的來,但對年少、比自己差的人卻啞口無言。要與他們合得來才是最重要的。


















後知後覺型 - 如果有一天心上人向你告白,你會先露出驚訝的表情, 之後才漸漸鎮定下來,但是這時對方已經了解你的心意了,而你也會在事後向他表白。

大方接受型 - 如果有一天心上人向你告白,你會直接的告訴他:「我也喜歡你!」,而且不會很做作的將自己的情緒隱藏起來,是一個會有很好的愛情的人哦!

不知所措型 - 如果有一天心上人向你告白,你會露出很尷尬的笑容,然後撐完全場,之後才發現不妥,且懊惱不已,但事後你通常會再跟他表白一次。

一口答應型 - 如果有一天心上人向你告白,你會非常開心而且很快的答應跟他交往,而且,你和他可能很快就會成為人人稱羨的一對小情侶嘍!

迫不及待型 - 如果有一天心上人向你告白,你渴望的是跟他在一起的所有快樂時光,因此連告白的時候也都不會放過,會盡情享受跟他在一起的每時每刻。

勇闖直衝型 - 我想,你大概不需要對方先告白吧!總是你先向他表白,是個很勇敢的人!而且絕對不害怕失敗!











Charlotte tagged me!

>> Saturday, 4 August 2007

Before that...
1 Million Love Messages THIS IS SO SWEET.

...the adventure of a lifetime Travel. AHHHH!

1. Do you ever lie about your age?
Usually, I don't have to. People even thought I'm lying about my own age -__-;;

2. Do you prefer “sensitive guys” or ” tough guys”?
How tough is tough? I think I'll like sensitive guys. Awww.

3. Do you prefer blonde or dark haired guys?

4. Are you currently single?
Uh huh. But a confused kind of single x(

5. How many things in your past do you regret?
Hmm, I don't think I have any. Yet. Though maybe some but they're not significant to linger in my mind xD

6.Do you have a best friend?
Yeap! ^^ I'm so happy to have all of you guys!

7. What do you wanna be when you grow up?
Psychologist? Media broadcaster? Journalist? Author? BACKPACK TRAVELLER!!! Ok deciding.

8. Who is the last person you hugged?
Umm, I dont remember lol.

9. Have you ever got your heart broken?
Once. =(

10. Have you ever thought of having a plastic surgery?
Haha sometimes when I feel ugly. Liposuction would be great xD I need breast shrinkage, btw xD

11. Do you like your life?
I think it's ok, but I think some FREE HUGS CAMPAIGN and BACKPACK TRAVEL will make it greater! Greedy me xD Ok but compared to poor kids in Third World Country, I should be satisfied.

12. Do you shop at Hollister?
Never heard of it before.

13. Has one of your friends ever stole your boyfriend from you?
Never had one and hopefully it won't happen! Cuz I don't wanna sacrifice friendships over some GUY...

14. Has one of your friends ever stabbed you in the back?
I hope not, but usually there are some.

15. Do you have more friends that are boys or girls?
Girls. Sadness.

16.How long have you had friendster?
Since 2003 or 2004, I dont remember.

17. Have you ever cheated on someone?
As in relationship? Nah.

18. Has anyone ever cheated on you?
Never had a relationship.

19. Have you ever slapped a girl in the face?
I've never slapped anyone, physically. I just make sound effects xD

20. What is one of your greatest fear?
Death. Being ostracized. Darkness. INSECTS.

21. Have you ever skipped class?
Sometimes, but usually I'm a good girl xD

22. Has anyone close to you ever passed away?
Hmm, I guess so. Sometimes I'm so envious of other people x(

23. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
Sometimes. Hah. But nothing serious.

24. Have you ever not been able to get someone out of your head?
Hmm... for some time, some people can be soo naughty.

25. Do you believe in the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater”?
I believe in second chance, and that's my limit.

26.Have you ever had a good feeling about something and it turned out that you were right?
Hmm... *thinks hard* I know there are but I couldn't remember xD

27. Do you ever wish you are famous?
When I was still in the lower form, yes. Those vain days -__-;;

28. Do you ever wish you are a guy?
Yeah, when I'm having my period xD

29. Do you think women smell nice in perfume?
Depends whether I like the perfume or not xD but no they don't usually smell nice. I like the smell of Softlan and sunshine! and if you have it and I smelled it I must say I'm totally in love with you xD

30. Tag 5 people.
Waning, Iyin, Rene, Jo... Sher Min?!


All the things I wanna tell him.

>> Friday, 3 August 2007

I think I'm in love! xD
Ok jkjk don't treat it seriously!
My favourite childhood friend (ok I don't exactly have one...) replied me! And he still remembers me, after, like, 7 years, and he's in New Zealand.
The reason I wanna go NZ is mostly because of him. Hah.
I'm old!
Omg damn cute la. I feel like I'm speaking to him. Like he speak very quickly and before I wanted to open my mouth to answer he already asked the next question lol.
Do you know how SATISFYING and SWEET it is for your favourite friend since 9 years old whom you did not contact for 7 years and migrated to somewhere else to remember you and be so sweeeeeet and friendly to you? x3
So, yeah, now you know why I'm "in love".
I'm more disorganized than Jo. Physically and emotionally. Bleahhh.

Blok F girls toilet is haunted. Enter in your own risk. Cuz they heard someone singing a happy song in the last cubicle. Haha I heard someone singing High School Musical's What I've Been Looking For! xD Damn funny. But that time there were people la.

Ooh we have an exchange student from Japan! She's not going to school though. What's so nice about Japan? I prefer to go to Europe, if I have the chance. Japan is too near xD I knew she was a Japanese because of the way she dresses. White blouse under blue smock (?), NIIIIICE skinny jeans, and black pumps. Very Japanese, definitely not Taiwan cuz they would be more lala.

Trials is just around the corner but I'm not that scared now, and so now, 7 days to trials, I'm onlining. Cuz I studied HAHA. Seriously, I hope all my results would be higher than 50! I HAVE NEVER ACHIEVED this ultimate schooling dream. Ahhhhhh. Jia you!

Some teacher is seriously rude. We went to ask for signature for the testimonial thingy. Do you know what she actually said to us?
"My hands are dirty." Period. With a looong face.
GAHHHHH!! I FEEL SO DISRESPECTED!!! Don't tell cuz we're still little kids, they eat salt more than we eat rice, blabla, so we should respect them. Ok, yeah, we should respect everyone but to dismiss us like THAT??!!! Couldn't she just say "Sorry, my hands are dirty."??!!! One word makes a difference ok.
PMS or menopausal? xD
Hmm, but I know that those people in the society will surely treat you like that. If the society is made of human, why couldn't they be friendlier and more respectful, so that we have a warm country (besides the weather)?


I want violin. Ginger Illusion again. Maybe I should buy that cologne, so that everything would be back in where it should be.

Mommy bought olive oil for me! Made in Italia. Haha.
I have soar throat. Clearing the throat or swallowing hurts a little. Lemon-flavoured sugar-free (but with sugar substitute - aspartame!) Fisherman's Friend is not helping. Bleahhh.


Free Hugs Campaign

>> Thursday, 2 August 2007


Juan Mann is an inspiration.

Joanne Teo! Go to Pitt Street Mall! And go hug a guy with beard and glasses holding the FREE HUGS cardboard sign! And take photographs! xP
I wanna join Free Hugs Campaign. There are some hugging stuff going on in KL, Bangsar... I hope it lasts! Cuz I wanna join! If it doesn't I wanna organise my own (hehehe) and recruit/paksa rela everyone I know to join me =D Or maybe I'll be like Juan Mann, be alone in the streets of Bangsar Village II... (shopping heaven, btw) Omg so scary.
Who wanna have some free hugs? I'm generous!
Oh, so THAT'S the reason why Sellors/Titan (I dont rmb which) have a sign "Free Hugs"? I thought they were trying to act cute/girlie cuz their sign is full of "love" haha.
Saya mesti mengekalkan enthusiasm ini supaya tidak bersikap hangat-hangat tahi ayam.


Imagine, John Lennon Tribute
...he sent it worldwide in 1971, the same year the first e-mail was sent.

Btw, should I straighten my hair? Cuz mommy couldnt stand looking at my frizzy pom pom hair (NOOOO my hair is not frizzy. actually sometimes when it's not rebellious it can be smooth =) just that it's pom pom) and wanted to straighten.
It's against my principle! Ok I know I hv weird principle. I just wanna have flatter hair, though volume is important too. I dont wanna hv flat hair and round face. Ughh. I know my hair is silky smooth la when I straighten xD but should I? WHAT IF I BECAME UGLIER THAN PRESENT??!!!
Hmm, maybe I should gamble my own hair.
I dont want like straight hair, the end also straight. I want it like curve in a little, or blunt end like Tracy Wong's! SERIOUSLY I LOVE BLUNT ENDS. It gives me the impression of... non-indecisive person. "I dont care I wanna eat sushi if you dont wanna sushi then break up la I go eat sushi myself!" Tracy's description of the 21st-century girlfriend.

Jo suddenly ask me about beautiful girls and stuff.
I wanna be confident. Cuz confidence = beauty. Seriously! I mean look at Oprah Winfrey xP Or umm someone closer like Si Hui! ^^ Mama Chen haha. I lurrrrrve it when she goes "puffy" x3 like a cream puff! And I lurrrrrve cream puffs!
(I'll bake some during holidays haha. Win Zee Goes Hell in the Kitchen. Seriously, the kitchen hates me =(

Oh look! 0212AM! I'm killin' myself. Alkene + H2 will become alkane. Alkene + water will become diol/alcohol dont rmb which.


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