>> Thursday, 26 July 2007

Overheard in Malaysia - Crazy quotes from crazy Malaysians xD

JJ's The Killa mini movie is VERY disturbing.

I wanna go see World Music Festival in Penang. =(
I'm sooo gonna be a reporter - I can go to Penang to see World Music Festival! xD It seems so tribal! x3

15 more days to trials. GAH. We had it so early and for almost A MONTH BUUUT we only have it for 12 days! Do you know how irony this is?
September 15! Come and see me starve in Bukit Jalil stadium! xD

I wanna watch TUNKU the Musical. The main reason is that my piano teacher's sister is in the musical!
Here, here, and Zamil Idris's blog.

Life is boring. Bleahhhh. Even this post seems sooo boring. I know I'm supposed to study! (Especially my Biology and Sejarah; I promised to study those two days ago.) But, what the heck, nearing trials = nearing SPM = nearing holidays = nearing part-time job(s) at Borders/MPH/Yuk Chai (I wanna be a temporary teacher xD)/Yamaha (temporary music teacher LOL) = nearing F6 = nearing Taman Sea.
Chain reaction.

Waning officially became a cannibal.
"Human is the cause of global warming. To reduce global warming, the human population must decrease. Therefore cannibalism should be practiced."
Some more she argued with Dillion and Wei Wern and Jian Ming until very hangat. Heat energy can convert to electrical energy. (Hmm, reading Kenny Sia makes me write like that.) But, still, cannibalism is violating the rights of human's freedom! It's like WAR! And, by reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl will make you understand why war and Hitler and Nazis and anti-Jews are just totally crazayy. Cannibalism will make us live in fear, and the way to reduce global warming is definitely not something so radical like that la.
I was trying to find laws about raping the dead (or, in a more disgusting way, corpse) to convince Waning that there is such law. I watched on CSI la! Someone was arrested because of doing that kind of offence. Then I found this - Sexual Offences Act from UK. Interesting. But law is never my choice.

I must learn to say 'yes' instead of 'yeah'.
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.
This reminds me of the scene from My Fair Lady where Prof Higgins wanted to teach Eliza 'cup of tea' instead of 'cuppa tea'. Cup cup cup cup of of of of cup cup cup cup. Eliza was dead hungry. There was a tart left. Prof Higgins: Ah, who should eat this? Eliza: *drools* Prof Higgins: *gives to parrot*
Then the servant sang: "Poor Professor Higgins, poor Professor Higgins. Night and day and day and night, oh poor Professor Higgins!" (or something like that)
Eliza's golden quote: I'ma good gal, I am!

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