Librarian hi-tea @ Nikko Hotel

>> Saturday, 21 July 2007


Nikko Hotel's foods are great! And I'm bloated! And I don't care! xD
It was kinda boring in the first place cuz I'm alone. Alone is not lonely! And then a girl from Tmn Sea approached me. (Tmn Sea prefects' hi-tea is at the same place, same time.)
Girl: Hi, what's your name? *laughs*
Me: Uhh... Win Zee?!
Girl: I'm whoever and I wanna tell you that *laughs* I'm hawt and blablablabla.
Me: Oh... kay. Weeeeird.
Leannza: You got dared?
So we played Truth or Dare, with Weng Yew, Leannza, Amanda, Itianne, Kai Fu?.
But since it's not exciting enough we played DARE OR DARE. DAMN FUN WEIH SERIOUSLY.
And I decided to study at Tmn Sea for form 6. Nyehehe.
There's this F2 guy from Tmn Sea, call Christopher, who is almost similar to Neal. Sarcastic. Sporting! And a F1 boy who can act bimbo.
Took very little photos as I was busy playing Dare or Dare nyehehe.
And I'm so regret! ARGHHHHH!!! (This'll last for a while)
I tell you Kevin got a really weeeeeird dare.
Open the first 2/3 buttons of his shirt.
OMGGG. Scary.
"But I have Spiderman suit inside."

Fifth formers. I'LL MISS THE DARE OR DARE.
L-R Kevin, Win Zee, Hwee Ching, Xin Hui, Yin Yee

Kevin. Sorry. Was bored nyehehe.

Piano found in another restaurant.

Some decoration on the third floor. I'm not allowed to take photos! *gasp*


Oops. Not ready.

Neal to Ee Lin: You know, Ee Lin, sometimes your boyfriend can come in handy.
Sai Mun went to hotel by taxi then bus.

And then, in school,

Pengerusi 07/08 LOL. Going to 1U later with Pn. Monica and family.

Nigel is sadly victimised. First Amanda slapped him (which actually is just touch). Next Christopher proposed to him. Next I slapped him (which is actually just sound effect) and said "I love you" to him. I dont wanna sing Negaraku! xD

#1 Cant think of any embarrassing moments
#2 Drank ice-cream + pepper
#3 -
#4 Proposed to Kee Kean (or however his name is spelled) HAHA.
#5 "Slapped" Nigel and said "I love you"

Guo Tung is like "Why are you taking photos of him (Nigel)? You like him ar?!" *exaggerated tone* when he saw me candid-ing Nigel. HAHA. Very funny.

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