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>> Sunday, 15 July 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

I just watched Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix at 23.55PM yesterday with no popcorn and coke. Damn cool. I wanna watch Die Hard 4.0, Dead Silence and Perfect Stranger! Saw my piano teacher, the vocal teacher and I-think-it's Lee Shiak Yao haha.
Grrrrreat visual effects! Very artistic. Grrrrrrreat script! Some very corny and VERY meaningful lines. I love you, all crews of HP5! Hehe, I always love the Indian guy who I bought the tickets from. Very friendly.
Of course, there is always someone sexy in movies. Eg:




Omggggg.x3 Jo says I have a thing for sexy guys. British accent is sexy. I know you agree with me ;)
Luna Lovegood (Evana Lynch) is like really... paranoid. Hysterical. Dunno how to describe. She speaks softly, sometimes strange things, but she's smart. A little crazy lol but I like her character.

Luna Lovegood - Evana Lynch

The "horses" (Thestrals) of the horseless carriage is a little "different". Grawpy is such a cute giant xD


Tsk tsk. Baaad James Potter. Bully Snape.
Why do I remember that in one of the HP books Hermione is juggling with a lot of subjects for some exam and she has a time travelling little ball thing and the gang uses it to save someone? I like that part!
They say that Harry's first kiss with Cho Chang lasts like 30 seconds. o_O Aiyah who has such free time to count?
They kiss in the Room of Requirement, under mistletoe that mysteriously grew! x3 So romantic!

Ron: How does it feel?
Harry: Wet.

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