>> Tuesday, 3 July 2007

That explains the unusual hits my counter is receiving. I thought who spammed my blog and made me happy for seeing a huge hit. Hmm, nice people.
Haha but eventually not.
Oh no no privacy! O_O
Haha I'm gonna be popular like xiaxue but obviously not that bitchy la HAHA!
I amuse myself lol.

Happy retirement to fellow prefects. I'm stepping down this Saturday. Omg. I'm old.
Ah! SPM!

Chem tuition teacher said that ppl who hv no money to go overseas can study at local university, work for 5 years, go to US study masters and cabut lari.
Ooh. ;) But I'm more interested in UK. But the exchange rate is x4.5 or x7? Dont rmb lol but higher than US's 3.4. (Malaysia damn geng right?! xD) Ah I'm interested in masters. Cuz I wanna be a psychologist, and to be a psychologist (those who talk to people, not just a psychology graduate) you need a master degree. In uh some years later you'll see me in US working in McD trying to earn my fees.

Shu Zhen's birthday is tomorrow! So I shall wish her an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her cuz I wont be onlining tomorrow. Physics extra class. =(

I'm still so random. Shu Zhen say I speak like rao kou ling, what do you call that in English again? Tongue Twister.
I'll try to post more colour aka photos on my blog. So wordy, even I read also yawn.
I should change my blog title. So boring la, always see "I don't wanna grow up". -__-;; Not that interested in French.
Speaking of French, I wrote a short story featuring some French! OMG I DAMN LOVE IT LA. That's why I dont wanna give it to Nostalgia. It's too beautiful! x3 Characters based on my friend in NZ and umm me AHEM. Ok I'm serious. I'm not that pretty la, of course. Nama saya Amorette, love+suffix, something like 'little love'. Thought so long for the Mandarin translation, in the end it's 'little lover' xiao ai ren. Nama dia Anatole, 'rising sun'. I love the sun. But I love drizzle even better.
Damn sweet. Featuring SJK (C) Yuk Chai.
Aiyah sekarang semua dah bocor, tak ada surprise.
And then am currently writing a story featuring an Italian. So boring. -__-;;

To Waning: I'M NOT BITCHY LA! I know I say so (Elastigirl: I know what I said!) but only I am allowed to insult. I'm autocratic so bow down to me. And I'm not act cute! That's so xiham = lala. Ok la I admit sometimes I act cute buuuut! sometimes people gotta express them! I think I was feeling cute that day so I acted cute a lot. (You dont have to question my emotions or cerebrum -__-;;)

Fallopian must be some people's name.
"Yo, Mr. Fallopian/Fallopia."
HAHAHAHA. Ok sorry have some respect.
Graafiaan is some guy's name. He discovered the Graafiaan follicles (must be) and Graafiaan spot aka G-spot. Last time The Star has a section featuring about sex stuff, I think it's because of the sex expo in S'pore (angmo's: not open enough. In our place they demonstrate the way to have sex O_O) so they feature. Dont remember la don't bother. So they talked about sexology (bored people -__-;;) and then stuff about Graafiaan spot.
Mr. Graafiaan (HAHAHAHA) is a German. That explains his weird name.

Trials is like a few weeks away. OMG. I havent been studying seriously. Chemistry's Thermochemistry is interesting. Physic's Electricity stuff is boring. I'm looking forward to Radioactivity. Biology's Reproductive has too many names, secondary oocytes, spermatozoon, endometrium wall, omg. Add Maths is ok. Maths is ok. BM is as usual yawnable. BI is ok. BC is... ok. I guess. Sejarah is OMG. They're not stories at all la, Pn. Daljit! Such boring stories!

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