>> Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Ooh, there'll be a new student in our class! Her name is Tan Wei Wern/Hui Wen/however her name is spelled, from Johor. We were soooo welcoming, I think we rock.
But it's almost trials already! Is she an exchange student like Marshall? xD

I owe people 2 articles:
01. The Star thingy
02. MPH Search for Young Malaysian Writers 2007
03. Fiction #1 (gonna finish! yay!)
04. Fiction #2 (just started - long way to go)
05. Fiction #3 (Mandarin) (just started - writer's block)
06. Fiction #4 (Mandarin) (just started - I think I'll cancel this)


This guy got caught is it?
R&B version of Negaraku is nice! I conclude that Negaraku is nice. Now we have a new song to sing for Merdeka day xD
I wanna watch 1957 Hati Malaya! Cuz Mohamad Kamarulzanam Taib is cute xD

A History of Forgetting is a darn great book. No, Jo, not because of those weird scenes and French. Denis seems like a charming man - when he was young and not gay, of course. Swastika is the Nazi symbol. Ooh.

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