>> Saturday, 7 July 2007

According to, my ecological footprint is 2.1 gha.

FOOD - 0.8

If everyone lives like me, we'll need 1.2 planets.

And according to (based on UK), my ecological footprint becomes 4.1 gha, carbon footprint is 8.1 tonnes.
If everyone lives like me, we need 2.5 planets. Sorry!

Hmm, we should respect poor Mother Nature.
Well, at least I'm doing something. I'm not using plastic bags for little stuffs! And recycle all (stupid) flyers and waste papers and aluminium cans, not accept flyers (if they hand it out in school).
Add Maths project is not as hard as I expected =) Johan a/l Chandran (HAHA) will definitely receives PAMA scholarship. Daddy invest RM300 since he was born, 8% compound interest per annum, invest another RM300 every year until his 18th birthday. 6-figures. Wow. Good example of sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit.

Omg! 070707! I wonder what's the new 7 Wonders of the World. ;) I didn't vote cuz I forgotten. I didn't take part in such a huge event. x(
Hmm. How do you define 'wonders'?
Ahhhh. So slow. I wanna know!

Psychology or Mass Communication? Life College guy said my personality suits mass comm more. He said if he put me in a room I'll die. I nodded. Uh huh. And he said I'm a people person, blabla. Pn. Mary Ann said so too. Jo said my blog is very mass comm. Huh? Then Joanne's blog is very beauty? o_O Mr. Gerard Joseph Louis (Pn. Mary Ann's bro) said that only psychologist gets on front page.
Ok anyway that's not my point.
I'm seduced (to mass comm la). I am such a baaad lover. Malaysia (local universities) cannot do double degree, major minor. Hmph. If I can I might... uh... I'm in the midst of making decisions, which will come to indecisive.
I shall interview everyone I know the questions in doctorjob A-Z explained about Jobs.
Am I a people person?
Hmm I don't mind talking to people. But striking a decent conversation, friendly conversation is hard cuz I kind of separate gong and si very clearly. Uhh work and informal stuff. LOL.
(Bro just told me his urine is PURPLE cuz he ate purple dragonfruit and he thought he was gonna DIE HAHA)
Omgggg. How?! What if I become a sweeping ah ma?! (Nooo I'm not gonna be one, Jo and Waning.)
Mommy said I can be a housekeeper/roomkeeper/whatever you call them. Cuz I do the beds (my cousins and their cousins are coming! for National Marching Band competition) very nicely. Ooh, Maid in Manhattan Kuala Lumpur xD

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