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>> Monday, 16 July 2007

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I think I'm a bit abnormal.
I like reading emo posts. Especially from people who seems like always =D It's like reading every bits and details of the other side.
*points at myself* Aiyah I always =D but the other side aka emo side rarely comes up. Maybe because I consume antidepressants HAHA touch wood. I don't like to be too emo or sad. It gets into the way of EVERYTHING. Even beloved piano. (Daniel Radcliffe is waaaay behind Chopin and piano) But sometimes when I'm in extreme emo, red mood, I MUST play the piano or write about my feelings, longhand, which I allow myself to whine and complain once in a while. I need something to cheer me up. Or else I couldn't do anything. NOTHING at all. Sometimes, force is essential.
Yea, I agree. I'm phlegmatic. Like Pn. Lim. Pn. Lim Win Zee HAHA. My godly Chemistry tuition (too-ee-syen) said that it's good to be detached from family. Not too attached. Or else we'll experience great loss. Cuz one of her childhood friend passed away because of heart attack (but she was in last stage of lymph node cancer) and her husband said, regretfully, "I didn't do anything for her when she's still alive."
OMG. That's a sad thing.
And then godly Chemistry tuition teacher said "I tell my son that he has hao shun his parents when we're still alive. *laughs* Aiyah, young people don't listen to these nonsense."
Is that the reason I'm not like soooo close to my family? Hmm.

Omg! Mummy's birthday's is this Wednesday!

Waning damn geng. Arrange A la nanita (a Spanish lullaby, watch Cheetah Girls 2) in I-dunno-how-many-voices! Walau damn geng x)
Be patient. It'll end in a blink.
That means less, slimmer chance to see the cute afternoon session librarians. =( They're so cute la! Rumours around haha.
I lurrrve rumours. I mean, cute rumours like "horrr Win Zee likes whoever ha~~" I tell you it's damn cute. Seriously! Even now when think back during Form 1 and 2 when there was this rumour which spreaded very faraway about Sern and me. I had never hate him! Maybe because I had never believed the rumour, despite that it had continue for three years (according to Jo). Haha but I don't like the song. MY GOD. I just remember "they are happy in *toot*" which is bed. Haha wth. I always thought "he likes me doesn't mean that I like him!" but I've never said it out. So yeah now you know.
I always, always pray that those (ok only 1) who are really ugly and disgusting and impolite and sick and retarded and *breathes* won't be tall, dark and handsome in the future. Cuz if he does it'll be embarrassing. It's like:
"Omg! Who's that hawt guy?"
"Oh, that one ah, it's *censored* lor."
"Uh huh."
*shakes shoulder* "ARE. YOU. SERIOUS??!!!! *calms down* Or did he go for plastic surgery?"

Oh. Actuarial science is about statistics. Like 20 years old you buy this insurance, what you'll get in 22 year, 23 year, blablabla and when you die how much you'll leave and how much others will get. More on statistics.
I hate statistics. I only memorise formulae.
Ah, I don't question formulae. Cuz we were trained not to. "It's just like that" they all say.
Mass comm or psychology?!

Pn. Lim is disappointed in us =( I'm so lazy. I've not been doing my homework. Well, most of it. Especially normal distribution and BM. Gah. I'm such a failure. Bleah.
This is gonna end by end of the year. Jia you.

Last question: What am I gonna wear for librarian hi-tea? Dress code: Smart and Casual. Can wear jeans but I don't wanna. Want something non-revealing and cheap. And able to show my physique beautifully HAHA. No la no need that exaggerating. Something nice will do.

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