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>> Friday, 13 July 2007

Currently listening to: Tarzan, Terk - Who Better Than Me

Mommy doesn't allow me to go to prom. She scared I kena tipu and you know what will happen.
She's too protective. -__-;;
But anyways, I can go to librarian hi-tea! Yay.
Waning!!!!!! I wanna see him!!! x( Haha not like I'm that desperate.
Btw, The MPH Search for Young Malaysian Writers 2007 has begun!
Tell us a short story in the day of a life of the typical Malaysian in contemporary Malaysia that illustrates what it means to be Malaysian.
I wanna enter! Even though my English sux. Hehe I remember last year I joined too and I posted my story (Eternity). Omg that's such a stupid story lol.
I hope I'm more mature - that way I won't write such childish omg-so-embarrassing story lol!
Malaysian. Hmm. *Brainstorm*
Hah. What Mariyam said to us today.

My cousin. 10 years old. ALREADY IN PUBERTY o_O

My little cream puff cousin!

Cream puff again. OMG DAMN CUTE LA.

I think I'm addicted to black pen monochrome drawing. o_O I just drew an apple during tuition (too-ee-syen).
Yay I collected RM104! xD When the card is full I shall give it to them. Or maybe I'll get another one. But I have nobody to ask for. Never mind la, see first.
Zhun Chieh is so cute xD Stands like a girl. Someone said that, not me. But I agree in my mind HAHA. Evil polite me.
I wanna make the human cutout thingy.
Jo wants me to analyse some stuff. Wow, the first time I'm analysing my feelings instead of food and clothes lol. (I'm very indecisive.) That'll take some time.

Every family has its imperfection. Imperfect, imperfect home. From Waning's blog.
I like reading her blog la, so essay-ish. Very emo but very essay-ish. -__-;;
Haha my family is very protective and very bao4 shou4 (not close minded). Well my mommy can accept mostly anything and can talk about anything and is very neutral and is sth like Pn. Lim (that's where my neutral-ness comes from) and daddy is superstitious. -__-;; Bro is vaaaain and sis is very good girl and hardworking and super stubborn lol.
Hah they almost always ignore me playing the piano. When they notice it's when they need me to be quiet or it's extremely baaad to their hearing like Poulenc's 3rd Novelette lol.
Ahhhh. Piano. So many times I wanna play it in the middle of the night, admiring my own playing admiring Chopin's extremely genius Nocturne.

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