>> Thursday, 12 July 2007

Oh. So percentage change is 10% huh. I see. RM2000 handphone LOL.
(Damn weird la why must use handphone? I prefer books xD)
Omg! HAHA!
I realized that talking for 10 minutes 19 seconds to 2 different people, 1 I know and 1 I don't and using handphone on left ear is a really torturing way of torturing me. I can't stand heat (but somehow I'm black. too much melanin?) and I'll complain and I have high specific heat capacity so it takes a longer time to cool me down.
My left ear is burning. Ahhhhh. Ouch.
Waning you're gonna pay.
You know what I realized that I'm more comfortable speaking to strangers in English.
Omg. I'm becoming a banana. Must be the side effects of eating too much bananas and durians. Yumm.
Hmm. Somehow I'm feeling kinda satisfied (ah so satisfied is spelled like that). Haha. That's my wish when I first enterred DJ.
To become a walking banana in a vain, singing, talking machine.

Joanne passed me 2 Tim Tam dunno why, 4 Il Divo papers from Galaxie (akaka), and 1 chain thingy for Shu Zhen's birthday.
She's leaving tomorrow =( Can I go to the airport and see her off?
Hehe I love the airport cuz you can see tons of different colours walking around and listen to weird languages. Damn cool.
And I'm more comfortable talking to Joanne in English. I think my English is better when I'm talking to her than other walking bananas o_O

To everyone: If you wanna send me stuff, especially IMPORTANT stuff like add maths project send to my gmail la. I rarely check my hotmail accounts. Too slow -__-;;

Haha Jackie did my quiz xD Hey Jackie.

Tsk tsk. Jo put aeroplanes on us. Fang4 fei1 ji1 HAHA. So baik hati, tak ada participate in Hari Sukan, suddenly ada participate, she don't want but she still lari. Baik hati-nya.
I sound like Yu Szen HAHA.

Ooh. So Waning blogged when she reached home. OMG LIKE WRITING AN ESSAY LA. "wooden mechanism". Why must you put such a technical name to my love? T__T
I still want violin. I WANNA PLAY what's the name again... *thinks hard* ROMANCE BY uh someone!!!! Violin violin violin violin violin violin!!! xP
I shall make a wishlist in the blog, in case some rich people who wanna spend their money would like to buy me a quality and expensive violin like his.
Ah, those misunderstandings that rose from the song. Konflik dalaman. =/
I actually deny it, I don't know why.
That feeling actually happened a few times before that. But I denied all of it. It seems that I was afraid. Afraid of what?!
My God, those times were really torturing. x( Tak tau apa nak feel also.
Anyways. That was like soooo long ago. Eh, the exaggerating genes runs in the family! The Teong Exaggerate-ness.
I don't like people looking at me playing piano. It feels so weird and I'm bound to play wrongly. Cuz I'm conscious about their gaze that falls on my back, my face, my fingers, my posture, my feet, the book, the piano. You may watch me halfway through the song. Cuz I'm usually quite warmed up in the middle and blend inside the song and I'll usually ignore you. And if I DO notice that you were looking I wouldn't care less cuz my Mozart/Chopin/oldies are soo much seductive than you. ;)
Ah piano lesson is at 7. I hadn't been practicing much. My piano teacher would be so mad if my Nocturne op. 62 no. 2 is not played well.
I'm learning Nocturne op. 9 no. 1. Self-learn. Hah.
I'll request for Sonata Pathetique, if it's not arpeggio. I don't like arpeggio la, so boring. That's why Prelude (Bach) is damn boring. Yawn-able. Maybe I'll ask her to teach the Nocturne too.
Lalala. Waning says my voice is pop-ish. I like pop-ish voice. Finally something about me that I like. Waning says my house is nice. "Wahhh. Hao mei." "Oh. Uhh hen mei ma? Anyways xie xie."
Bahasa cina rojak presented by Win Zee.
Si Hui says I have quite good communication skills. Heh. Thx. I like being said that I'm not shy ^^
According to Shu Zhen, A-Levels got 70:30, 50:50 and 30:70. Exams:Presentation&Projects. I don't care if I'm shy or suck in presentation or gagap like En. Sia or not. I want 30:70! I lurrrrve doing projects.

No motivation to study. Except doing add maths. Mommy is always right, even though I deny it -__-;;
Laptop is not seductive enough la, daddy. Can you buy me a new piano OR let me learn violin? Pretty please? You know la, techno stuff is not my thing, compare to those heavenly things.
John Lee didn't get scholarship! o_O

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