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>> Saturday, 30 June 2007

Currently reading: A History of Forgetting - Caroline Adderson
Currently listening to: Wu Liao - JJ

So Frenchy. So gay. So hair-y. So sex-y. O_O
Merde in French is 'sh*t'. Coiffeur is 'hairdresser'. Pourquoi? is 'Why?'.

OMG. Joanne is back! Ah!!!! xD I squealed and hugged her! xD
(so exaggerated lol)

Omg. Trials is only like 6 weeks away. Gah!

Waning kept annoy me about ahem. Like he likes me. -__-;;
And on 2 days ago she annoyed me about another ahem.
Not gonna tell you the any ahems. ;)
Haha and I annoy Waning with her ahem. ;)
(Damn cute la us! xD)
Cuz when I said 'hi' to her ahem he just "oh. hi." and walked away.
Compare with Waning... "Horrrr, waning ha~~~"

Waning's emo post about losing the choir competition is like so emo. Compared to mine... I was more angry than emo. O_O Wow different reactions. Cooool. xD I'm sooo gonna do psychology.

Ashamed I felt when my friends came up to ask, "how's competiton?"

Ah I'll just immediately tell my friends how great we are and curse the judges. I mean, they deserve it. Unless other schools are better than us I'll keep my mouth shut.
(OMG. I just kena candid shot. Like old ah ma! x(
Waning so emo laaaaaa.

Yay! I bought JJ's 5th album Westside. DAMN NICE. But he doesnt sound like himself. Especially in Sha Shou. Nvm~~~ xD Haha I got a poster which JJ only took 1/5 of the poster LOL. I love the album cover. Wu Liao is damn wuliao -__-;; Let's Battle (do you call it an interlude?) is more wuliao. A conversation of JJ and someone about 'diao'-ness.
*Spanish style* *JJ beatbox* blablabla JJ: how diao should I be to be diao? (yao zen yang cai suan diao?)
Someone: More diao than me.
blablablaLet's Battleblabla JJ: Watch me. (Yang ini so sexy xD)
Omg JJ is old. 26! O_O
Lin Yu Zhong and boss must be really bored.

Took some extremely cute photos in the tour to Sekinchan, besides being harrassed. -__-;; Will post the photos later. Remind me.

Yay I'm going on donation drive for Famine 30! xD
When I grow older and am financially independent, I shall sponsor a child/children.
Single mother! xD

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