>> Wednesday, 20 June 2007

I made a HUGE decision today.
I walked back from school!
Cuz transporter ciao liao. Iish!
Duration: 30 minutes
Feeling: HOT. VERY HOT.
I'm like a too-ripen tomato. Very very red. Very very dark. Very very hawt hot. My god! Somehow it's shorter by car lol.
Saw Sim Wuei. She asked me whether I needed a ride. I said 'no'. And later I wonder why I'm so good? xP

Ah! C4R deadline is this Friday! And three of our papers are beautifully blank! We're doing a Johari Windows like thing. I mean me. Waning do a collage I guess. Another a beauty pageant! Sighhhh no photo. Sadness.

Googled and saw this:

Ah! Damn cute la! x3

Omggggg Apple No.4. O_O

Famine 30! I wanna join. Starve for 30 hours. Ooh.

28/06/2007 Thursday schedule:
- PJ district level choir competition *gasp*
- Yu Ning's birthday! - call her.
- Hari Terbuke *double gasps!*

Ah. C4R is torturing. But I abandoned my homework to do this. xD

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