>> Saturday, 23 June 2007

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I did a good thing ytd:
I did not use a plastic bag when buying a card!
I'm so proud of myself. ^^

Watched TV2 for a while yesterday. A girls choir (primary school) was on. Song is:
Dirgahayu Tanah Airku
They hv weird gestures - but very Malaysian - and I dunno who's the main melody but I love the soprano part. Not everyone smiled - which makes things weirder.
Ah, we sing much nicer.

Doing Physics homework. Fleming's Rules aches my finger.
I'm trying not to eat so much! OH GOSH I'M SO FAT.
Tarzan OST is niiiice. "You'll be my one always~"

Just now went out to Ming Tien for dinner. Saw Pn. Yong and her family! I wanted to say 'hi' to them after we finished but they were already gone. =( I'll try and see to tell her in school xP Hmm I think she knows me cuz she kept looking at me. Or maybe she was staring blankly like any adults HAHA.

NiE and choir is stressing me out. x( But I'm havin' fun! xP
Mary went back to school that day, but she's no longer blue
Mary went on to do great things; poor Lamb is in the stew; Oh~

We are lamb. Baa.

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