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Whee~ Dynamitez won first! xD I ignored Tracy's nasihat and screamed and shouted and ate roller coaster and drank icy air kepala muda.
Damn expensive la, things there. But I only brought an Apollo cake. -__-;;
Jien doesnt like DJ. I'm not interested in Sarah Tan lol. I prefer last year's host (Jien & Joey G). Yu Szen (and Ser Siang) was the Dynamitez mascot lol. And Ser Siang was on the front page of ytd's The Star. xD
But the whole competition was kind of boring. Cuz Dynamitez performed in the beginning, the 6th I think. Lunch is too long lol.

Courtesy of The Star Online

See that dynamite thing?

Singing is very tiring.
And I mean VERY.
Almost fell asleep during Chemistry until we got to do the glass-wool-is-cancerous asbestos-is-cancerous reactivity series experiment. xD I wanted to touch the glass wool. Jo said "NO!!!!!" And I said "Ah!!! Dont scare me."
Aiyah off-topic.
Tyler is scary. (AH! MANA AWAK, JOEL?!) A tenor from Hawaii Malaysia who is studying in Hawaii (weird place to study) and is doing his 3-months internship here. He demonstrated sassyness to us. Well, at least he's polite enough to apologize to us beforehand.
Choir competition (district) is two days away! Going at 10am register at 11am and start at 12pm. Or so they say. Omg. I do hope we get to go to state level, which is on July 3rd. Crazy kementerian. Just 5 days after district level. -__-;; CHS you better let us win. xD
Btw, Calyx boys is quite good - for guys xD

I lurrrrrrrve Tarzan the Disney cartoon. Tarzan is very... un-handsome but handsome in a way. Omg I wanna meet an apeman someday!
I'll be Jane Porter (?) #2 in the future haha.
Daddy is Archimedes sthsthsth Porter. Ooh.

Psychology. Mass Comm. Journalism. Creative Writing.
Choose one. Iish. Choosing is hard for an indecisive person aka me.

(yay! we're skipping the whole day tmrw! to sing my god i'm gonna strain my precious voice.)

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