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>> Friday, 1 June 2007

Spoilers ahead?
Went to BookFest in KL Convention Centre and later went to 1U to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End. Hehehe not interested in Spiderman 3. Never was.

It was very very very long and I kept wondering when the movie would end lol. It started with a beginning I'm not familiar with, perhaps from the previous movie, which I didnt watch. Anyways. I'm waiting for Jack Sparrow for soooo long until he finally appeared lol. I still love him!
I dont know why Sao Feng is there la. He's very very minor. But I love his make-up! HAHA. "Welcome to Singapore."
Will and Elizabeth's love is dominating in the movie lol. What a sad ending! ARGH! "Ten years at sea, one day at shore..."
Overall it was almost boring until Jack came HAHA and I dont really get all those bargain things but what the heck, the visual was great. =D However, their British accent wasnt too much, so it's pretty understandable LOL.
Jack Sparrow: ...Who am I?
John Beckett: *uh...* *shook head*
Jack Sparrow: *what the heck* I'm Captain Jack Sparrow.

Jack Sparrow: You may throw my hat if you want. =)
Captain Gibbs: *yippee* *throws hat* ^^
Jack Sparrow: Now go get it. -_-

Intended to complete my Moral project or study, but in the end, I washed my pencil case (and forgot that tomorrow I hv POL -___-;;) and later drew!

First step: OUTLINE

Not exactly. The perfectionism behind the imperfection.

Second step: CUT & PASTE

On Viva ad, on my favourite newspaper The Star! xD
Love redefined by Perodua winzee.
When Boy Meets Girl...
i love u

(We met in the sea of people.)
*I hv no other meaning except boredom!


They are our child! ~Faber-Castell

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