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>> Tuesday, 12 June 2007

[edit]Do this ppl! Win Zee's Good Traits xD[/edit]

I passed my Sejarah and Chemistry! (Ok so I havent get back my P3 but I'm quite sure I can pass lol) Maybe I should shake Waning's arm some more so I can pass everything LOL.
Omg Biology tomorrow!
Results kinda sux. But that's ok. I MUST maintain my no-fail in secondary school. LOL. (yeahh I promise myself that since I was young lol ambitious baby.)

"When I hear somebody sigh, "Life is hard," I am always tempted to ask, "Compared to what?" -- Sydney J. Harris -Come to think of it, it's kinda true xD

Cheer 2007 is on June 23rd and 24th.
Choir competition PJ district level is on June 28th, 8am. Finally.
DJ Prom Night is on December 28th.
Joanne Telur Sausage Breakfast is coming back! I think. HAHA.

Since Jo is like feeling so lost for losing touch with her primary school friends I shall boast sth about it HAHA. jkjk.
Hmm I only keep in touch with my friends. And some other people whom I accidentally got their contacts. Usually online. I dont think I actually kept in touch with my friends - I dont call them, I dont email them often, I dont snail mail them (unless special occassion). Somehow some people kept me in their hearts. xD (Waning's sound effect: Aww...) K la I keep some people in my heart also la! (Waning's sound effect: *pukes*) So yeahh if you received a birthday card for me, you're so lucky, cuz I'm usually heartless. xD If you dont there's three possibilities:
#1 You were/are not my friend.
#2 I dont hv your address. So I only send you an e-card. But that's good enough cuz I dont simply send e-card too lol.
#3 We see each other everyday la!
So yeah remember to bug me everyday to send you a birthday card, if you're that desperate of receiving a snail mail LOL. (ok this is so insulting sorry)
Joanne Teo, send me a card! Cuz I want Australian stamp! xD
I plan to call my friend on her birthday. Remind me please lol.

To Iyin: Leng Hui doesnt recognize me! Can you believe it? He's like complaining about me for not writing testimonials in Friendster for him. I must've looked prettier on slightly-edited no-glasses photo lol. (Yeahh I think so HAHA) Omg I cant wait for Jason Gan to come! I'm gonna say 'hi' to him and hmm maybe hope he wont recognize me lol.
Yijienn owes me JJ poster lol.

I dont say 'hi' to uhh known-ppl-during-primary-school in school lor. Like Ethan Ling, Kah Shin =(, Michelle Ooi, Ping Xin, Joe Shen (he was in my class?!) and maybe some other ppl I dont rmb. See I dont even rmb who was in my class and who wasnt lol. I'm pretty much ignorant.
That guy in NZ is quite significant to me. No la! That's not my crush. I can show you if you wanna lol. Not in DJ btw so haha! Anyways the guy in NZ is significant. He's my neighbour during Std 3 and you could say I always bully him lol. He was such a pale, nice boy. I didnt know there was such thing as atheism last time, and he was an atheist, and I said it's impossible to hv no God lol. And he didnt know whether he stayed in SS25 or SS26 OR SS24 or SS25 I dont rmb which combination lol. And I said how can you not know?! I didnt subscribe to Xiao Xing Xing, so when he get them I'll be the first to read. He reads Harry Potter! And he taught me how to swallow pills. Indirectly. And there was one day where ppl said I like him or he liked me I dont rmb and I said no! i dont like him! but I dont rmb saying i hate him!
Sometimes I portray him in some of my writings. Like the one I wrote in Chinese exam last year, about the friend who died. (I still hate myself for making him dead lol) Uh huh I thought of him. =D
Some things are unexplainable~
Hmm, maybe I should write him an e-mail and just say 'hi'.

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