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>> Saturday, 9 June 2007

Went to SMKBU3 Wind Band Concert in Kelana Seafood. Camera needs a larger capacity of memory card.
I love Mulan! Combination of all the songs from Disney's Mulan. =D
I love Ireland! "...illustrated from the Irish's old time dancing folk songs that are unique and rarely seen nowadays."
I like American Graffiti! Combination of Over the Rainbow, Mrs. Robinson, The Rose, The Shadow of Your Smile, and Diamond is a Girl's Best Friend. =D
I like Queen's Park Melody! " a palace courtyard where a grand party was held. Wealthy aristocrats were invited and the ball dance begun." =D

I realized I love writing. Lol. Why?
Cuz I wrote like 5 essays/stuff for Nostalgia. (Poor me.) And other more for my own, or send to Xue Hai, which I always forget lol. (Ooh I just love one of them! xP Went research. Yes, Win Zee goes researching.)
And... I'm currently writing 2 English fics and uhh 3 Chinese fics, one which I'm gonna abandon again.
And one story in mind.
Hack Your Way Out of Writer's Block. Funny one. xD

Omg I'm so gonna fail my Sejarah and Chemistry! T______T My fault. Havent been studying. Even if I did, I studied the wrong things. Esp for Sejarah. I pergi study Perdamaian Paris 19XX and Woodrow thingy and Otto Eduard von Bismarck and Real Politik and Darah dan Besi. Outside world is so much interesting la!

Speaking of outside world, I wanna go UK. =( Well mommy told me some ppl bring only their first year fees and go to US to study, then work part-time to earn the rest of their school fees. UK would be impossible, those rich people.
Spain is in Europe. Spain is in Europe. Spain is in Europe. Spain is in Europe.
Madrid is in Spain. Madrid is in Spain. Madrid is in Spain. Madrid is in Spain.
I thought Spain is in South America. That means no beautiful sunshine. =(
I thought Madrid is somewhere in Egypt. That means it's not so Islamic. xD

Haha I didnt go for Librarians' Annual AGM, which is Saturday, the day our holiday began. xD
Holiday's gonna end. No special feelings.

Oh, before I forget, I watched The Constant Garden yesterday! Or the day before. Never mind.

Based on John Le Carre's book.

The thickness of the book scares me.
Starring Ralph Fiennes the beautiful sexy magnetic British voice and Rachel Weisz the idontknowwhat'shernationality beautiful lady.
Such a vibrant-coloured movie. xD
Ralph Fiennes has a beautiful sexy magnetic British voice! Gosh! xD Was like 'MYGOD' when I heard his voice lol.
Such a sad ending. =( I wanna cry. T_T (But I didnt lol.)
I love you, Brazilian director (Fernando Meirelles). =D

I wanna go Africa!
Curse those ppl who thinks Africans' life is cheap. Mommy says US took 11 boys from Morocco for testing of their new medicine.
They all died.
Morocco is in Africa. Morocco is in Africa. Morocco is in Africa. Morocco is in Africa.
Morocco is not in Russia la! The one in Russia is Moscow lol.
I wanna go Turkey! "Turkey welcomes you." (Europe, Asia, Eurasia?)

Check this out! About Turkey =D

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