50 Random Facts About Win Zee

>> Monday, 4 June 2007

Since I'm so bored, I shall copy Charlotte.

50 Random Facts about Win Zee:

  1. I NEVER like pink.

  2. Cuz pink is for girlie girls.

  3. And I dont think I'm girlie.

  4. (Can you imagine Win Zee wearing pink, fairy dress? *gasp*)

  5. Orange is a cute and cheerful colour.

  6. Because I have a mini roller which is orange and cute. Heh. =D

  7. JJ is cute+hawt.

  8. JJ has a pair of really really cute dimples.

  9. And a really really hawt bod. =D

  10. I lurrrve laame, shivering jokes.

  11. Especially this : Gummy bear walks on the street. After walking for a VERY long time, it finally said: My legs are getting weak.

  12. But it doesnt sound funny/shivering in English.

  13. I'm not that blur la.

  14. To the extend of "Huh? I had sex already?"

  15. Or "What? The baby is out? Wow, that's quick!"

  16. (And the doctor says: It's because you fainted throughout the surgery, Mrs. XXX)

  17. Come on la. Win Zee is a Homo sapien and can be pissed off too! *hint*

  18. I already thought of my future car plate number.

  19. 1926.

  20. 1991.9.26 My birthday!

  21. I cannot do sports.

  22. I hv low stamina.

  23. My heart is weak.

  24. Therefore my muscle has to respire anaerobically after, like, a few minutes.

  25. Biology is GOD, btw.

  26. Therefore Pn. Lim is (EVIL) GOD.

  27. Anyways, I like sarcasm.

  28. So I love Jack Sparrow.

  29. (I like his make-up too HAHA)

  30. Keira Knightley is hawt.

  31. Therefore Pride & Prejudice is hot.

  32. Another reason the movie is hot is because of Mr. Darcy.

  33. Too bad he doesnt look that handsome in real life. Sighh.

  34. I love musicals.

  35. When I was little, I ALWAYS watch musicals.

  36. Be it Disney's cartoons or other musicals.

  37. (Btw, April Rain or something from Bambi is a great choir song. Go listen it LOL I'm serious la!)

  38. So I thought the only genre that exists in this world is musicals.

  39. All hail musicals!

  40. The first non-musical movie I watched is Anna and the King. Starring Chow Yun Fatt and another lady lol.

  41. I thought it was baad (to hv this kind of non-musical genre) and boring.

  42. Well, it IS boring.

  43. I never liked fairytales.

  44. Because it's so fake. "And they lived happily ever after..."

  45. Therefore I'm cynical since birth. Evil baby.

  46. I dont like Shrek, the character.

  47. Unlike Lilo & Stitch, where I ALWAYS hate Stitch in the beginning of the movie and LURRRRRRRVE him at the end of the movie.

  48. He/it is so cute.

  49. Shrek is yucky. *pukes*

  50. I shall make this last number useful: I usually eat little biscuit crumbs first before I go on with "complete pieces". =D

Oh, look! 50 really really random facts!

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