Wu Liao

>> Saturday, 30 June 2007

Currently reading: A History of Forgetting - Caroline Adderson
Currently listening to: Wu Liao - JJ

So Frenchy. So gay. So hair-y. So sex-y. O_O
Merde in French is 'sh*t'. Coiffeur is 'hairdresser'. Pourquoi? is 'Why?'.

OMG. Joanne is back! Ah!!!! xD I squealed and hugged her! xD
(so exaggerated lol)

Omg. Trials is only like 6 weeks away. Gah!

Waning kept annoy me about ahem. Like he likes me. -__-;;
And on 2 days ago she annoyed me about another ahem.
Not gonna tell you the any ahems. ;)
Haha and I annoy Waning with her ahem. ;)
(Damn cute la us! xD)
Cuz when I said 'hi' to her ahem he just "oh. hi." and walked away.
Compare with Waning... "Horrrr, waning ha~~~"

Waning's emo post about losing the choir competition is like so emo. Compared to mine... I was more angry than emo. O_O Wow different reactions. Cooool. xD I'm sooo gonna do psychology.

Ashamed I felt when my friends came up to ask, "how's competiton?"

Ah I'll just immediately tell my friends how great we are and curse the judges. I mean, they deserve it. Unless other schools are better than us I'll keep my mouth shut.
(OMG. I just kena candid shot. Like old ah ma! x(
Waning so emo laaaaaa.

Yay! I bought JJ's 5th album Westside. DAMN NICE. But he doesnt sound like himself. Especially in Sha Shou. Nvm~~~ xD Haha I got a poster which JJ only took 1/5 of the poster LOL. I love the album cover. Wu Liao is damn wuliao -__-;; Let's Battle (do you call it an interlude?) is more wuliao. A conversation of JJ and someone about 'diao'-ness.
*Spanish style* *JJ beatbox* blablabla JJ: how diao should I be to be diao? (yao zen yang cai suan diao?)
Someone: More diao than me.
blablablaLet's Battleblabla JJ: Watch me. (Yang ini so sexy xD)
Omg JJ is old. 26! O_O
Lin Yu Zhong and boss must be really bored.

Took some extremely cute photos in the tour to Sekinchan, besides being harrassed. -__-;; Will post the photos later. Remind me.

Yay I'm going on donation drive for Famine 30! xD
When I grow older and am financially independent, I shall sponsor a child/children.
Single mother! xD


Choir competition

>> Thursday, 28 June 2007

Currently listening to: Nobody Drinks Alone - Keith Urban

Choir competition. Open day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YU NING!

1st place: SMJK Catholic
2nd place: SMKBU4
3rd place: SMK Seafield
Anugerah juri: SMKBU2 (WTF?!)
Best conductor: SMKBU4

SMKBU2 has like 20+ people with NO conductor. They say they need 35 people, including pianist and conductor. They hv 2 soloist. VERY solo. As in they are in the spotlight while the choir is just like background music.
We deserve much more better. I mean, looking at CHS and BU4 (oh, btw, I saw Rachel xD) I know it's like so hard to beat them (esp CHS). But I mean Anugerah Juri to a choir which is SOOOOO unlike choir?! WTF?!

To somebody: Choir is a teamwork game. (What's the word that Pn. Cecilia uses again?) It's not a one-man show. So you cant really blame other ppl in our team. You are welcomed to curse the judges though.

Hmm, Seafield. They dont seem very nice. They dont sound very nice. But that time we were lining up outside so cannot really judge la. I love the turquoise uniform! They wore Baju Melayu and Kebaya I think. There's this cute Seafield guy who took our group photo. xD He's cute la, Waning!
CHS sang Sound of Music. Jaw-dropping. GODLY. HEAVENLY. (insert more positive adjectives here). Even their gestures were so synchronised. I love their golden skirt xP
It seems like only our repertoire is the most contrasting. Swaying coconut trees/lalang against sexayy sassayy jazzayy blues. COME ON LA JUDGES!!! Dont judge us by our uniforms and lambs and stews!

Tracy arranged us to have choir exchanged with a S'pore school this December! Ooh! x)

Tracy and Suzanna and Regina thought we sang well. They said we could get something aka anugerah juri.

CURSE YOU JUDGES. I felt like crying when they announced that SMKBU2 got anugerah juri. I mean, come on la! The judges must hv not been in a choir before. Being a composer doesnt mean that they know what should be in the choir. Hmm.
Of course I wasnt unhappy for long. I know we deserve so much better than this. It was the first time that I felt like we were winners in our heart. The afternoon sessions cheered for us! They clapped! They laughed! It was such an ecstatic feeling. It was like a booster dose. We were confident in grabbing something from this hot dewan and be shouting and screaming in the bus for 15 minutes until we reached school.
Apparently, not.
Joanne cried. Khei Sze and Justine (she's so cool) wanted to cry. I could see tears in their eyes. And I too wanted to cry. I'm very easily influenced. But, yes, I wanted to cry. I so wanted to cry. But I know we did great. WE ARE GREAT. Just somehow those 5 ppl just dont appreciate blues and fun and smiling faces and snaps and glissando's!
Maybe next time they should invite other judges. Non-Malaysian perhaps. Or judges who dont know the existence of CHS and BU4 and Seafield and other whatnots. It's fairer.
Hving 2 soloist singing free-style is NOT a good choir. The girls' voice may be loud. And good. But! What's the use of hving a choir competition if we are supposed to sing like that?! That's MI/One in a Million/Akademi Fantasia la! CHOIR IS TEAMWORK, NOT A ONE-MAN (two-ladies) SHOW.
Call me a sore loser. I dont care. Cuz we did GREAT. WE ROCK LIKE STONES AND PEBBLES OK.
I just hope someone would feel unfair for us besides us and Tracy and Regina and Suzanna and Pn. Cecilia.
Life still has to go on. (My results suck. Trials is almost a month away!!)
Nvm. We were great. The guys were great. The alto's were great. The soprano's were great. It was the first time that I didnt use much effort to sing the high G note! I'm so proud.
Of course, some 5 people dont acknowledge these.
I shall not curse BU2. Cuz it were the judges who decide who should win, not them. I dont care if they enter or not. Clearly they're not ready to enter. No conductor some more!
CHS is so nice! The hills are alive, with the sound of music...
We are great. Acknowledge us la. If only you ppl were there, then you know how unfair and dejected and disappointed and sad we're feeling right now.


Favourite questions.

>> Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Currently listening to: Making Memories of Us - Keith Urban

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I must not bocor soalan (of the quiz). I must not bocor soalan (of the quiz. I must not bocor soalan (of the quiz.
But, still, I bocor-ed a little. ;)

I revamped my Multiply site. xD Damn nice la. I love it. xD



Currently listening to: Speaking of Sophie - Anastasia OST

Whee~ Dynamitez won first! xD I ignored Tracy's nasihat and screamed and shouted and ate roller coaster and drank icy air kepala muda.
Damn expensive la, things there. But I only brought an Apollo cake. -__-;;
Jien doesnt like DJ. I'm not interested in Sarah Tan lol. I prefer last year's host (Jien & Joey G). Yu Szen (and Ser Siang) was the Dynamitez mascot lol. And Ser Siang was on the front page of ytd's The Star. xD
But the whole competition was kind of boring. Cuz Dynamitez performed in the beginning, the 6th I think. Lunch is too long lol.

Courtesy of The Star Online

See that dynamite thing?

Singing is very tiring.
And I mean VERY.
Almost fell asleep during Chemistry until we got to do the glass-wool-is-cancerous asbestos-is-cancerous reactivity series experiment. xD I wanted to touch the glass wool. Jo said "NO!!!!!" And I said "Ah!!! Dont scare me."
Aiyah off-topic.
Tyler is scary. (AH! MANA AWAK, JOEL?!) A tenor from Hawaii Malaysia who is studying in Hawaii (weird place to study) and is doing his 3-months internship here. He demonstrated sassyness to us. Well, at least he's polite enough to apologize to us beforehand.
Choir competition (district) is two days away! Going at 10am register at 11am and start at 12pm. Or so they say. Omg. I do hope we get to go to state level, which is on July 3rd. Crazy kementerian. Just 5 days after district level. -__-;; CHS you better let us win. xD
Btw, Calyx boys is quite good - for guys xD

I lurrrrrrrve Tarzan the Disney cartoon. Tarzan is very... un-handsome but handsome in a way. Omg I wanna meet an apeman someday!
I'll be Jane Porter (?) #2 in the future haha.
Daddy is Archimedes sthsthsth Porter. Ooh.

Psychology. Mass Comm. Journalism. Creative Writing.
Choose one. Iish. Choosing is hard for an indecisive person aka me.

(yay! we're skipping the whole day tmrw! to sing my god i'm gonna strain my precious voice.)



>> Saturday, 23 June 2007

Yummy Website The Male Beauty

I did a good thing ytd:
I did not use a plastic bag when buying a card!
I'm so proud of myself. ^^

Watched TV2 for a while yesterday. A girls choir (primary school) was on. Song is:
Dirgahayu Tanah Airku
They hv weird gestures - but very Malaysian - and I dunno who's the main melody but I love the soprano part. Not everyone smiled - which makes things weirder.
Ah, we sing much nicer.

Doing Physics homework. Fleming's Rules aches my finger.
I'm trying not to eat so much! OH GOSH I'M SO FAT.
Tarzan OST is niiiice. "You'll be my one always~"

Just now went out to Ming Tien for dinner. Saw Pn. Yong and her family! I wanted to say 'hi' to them after we finished but they were already gone. =( I'll try and see to tell her in school xP Hmm I think she knows me cuz she kept looking at me. Or maybe she was staring blankly like any adults HAHA.

NiE and choir is stressing me out. x( But I'm havin' fun! xP
Mary went back to school that day, but she's no longer blue
Mary went on to do great things; poor Lamb is in the stew; Oh~

We are lamb. Baa.



>> Wednesday, 20 June 2007

I made a HUGE decision today.
I walked back from school!
Cuz transporter ciao liao. Iish!
Duration: 30 minutes
Feeling: HOT. VERY HOT.
I'm like a too-ripen tomato. Very very red. Very very dark. Very very hawt hot. My god! Somehow it's shorter by car lol.
Saw Sim Wuei. She asked me whether I needed a ride. I said 'no'. And later I wonder why I'm so good? xP

Ah! C4R deadline is this Friday! And three of our papers are beautifully blank! We're doing a Johari Windows like thing. I mean me. Waning do a collage I guess. Another a beauty pageant! Sighhhh no photo. Sadness.

Googled and saw this:

Ah! Damn cute la! x3

Omggggg Apple No.4. O_O

Famine 30! I wanna join. Starve for 30 hours. Ooh.

28/06/2007 Thursday schedule:
- PJ district level choir competition *gasp*
- Yu Ning's birthday! - call her.
- Hari Terbuke *double gasps!*

Ah. C4R is torturing. But I abandoned my homework to do this. xD

You are The Wheel of Fortune

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intoxication with success

The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.


How much do you love me?

>> Sunday, 17 June 2007

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I read Iyin's article and when I read a part I nearly fell off the chair. Not hiperbola-ing. My God! If her article kena chosen I'll tell you why. But first I'll hv to change a few things... Haha. So embarrassing la ok!


The Way We Were

>> Saturday, 16 June 2007

My English essay! Edited a little. Ok so I didnt like it very much, (but I deserved more than 38! x( I like Italy! Characters based on my parents. I'm serious! Dad's Christian name is Thomas, Mom doesnt have one. xD Neh 888 words only?! Microsoft Words must be kidding me.

It has been 20 years since I last been here. It seems like just a blink, but everything had changed so much. The buildings were taller, the vehicles more, but the sky and the river are still as clear as before. I stepped out the taxi and breathed in the Italian air. Being in the US for so long, it had brainwashed me into an American. I had two American wives, but they were old stories. There is nothing to be said about them. I have brought my family over to New York after I graduated, so strictly speaking, there is nothing left her for me except for my Italian tongue, my Italian heart and my Italian memories.

It was evening, by then. The purple orange glow shone on the river and the lovely couple on the gondola. Families sat by the table near the river and ate their dinner, children chasing each other around and screaming in Italian. It was so familiar, and yet so new to my ears. What had become of me? I stared at the couple, the song The Way We Were slowly and softly played inside my head and the shadows of those two slowly appeared. Thomas and Jane. I smiled. I heard from my old course mates that they were married and returned to Malaysia, a far Eastern country. They have proved to me that first loves are not necessary failures. But, failure or not, that doesn’t matter. I don’t remember the first girl I kissed or the first girl I woke up with.

Thomas and Jane were the loveliest couple I’ve ever seen. Thomas, studying in England, then, came to Rome for a visit. We knew each other in the subway. That time, Jane was my course mate and also my house mate. Even so, we weren’t very close, but I liked her because of her innocence. Secretly I called her Arianna, an Italian name which means ‘innocent’. And so I became buddies with Thomas, and out of a sudden, Jane got to know him, too. As I didn’t have the same lecturer as Jane’s, we seldom see each other, and it was even rare for both of us to meet Thomas at the same time. I heard from her that she and Thomas went outings together. I didn’t treat it seriously as they just met and I don’t believe in love at first sight either. However, as time went by, they started to walk together. I was in rage. Besides that I was jealous of Jane, as I couldn’t spend more time with Thomas, I was even jealous of him.

I tried chasing Jane. For the whole year, my heart was never on my studies, and I flunked my whole second year. I was required to re-take the exam, whereas Jane graduated and went up to third year smoothly. Thomas went back to England on August, for his semester was about to start. Just when I thought that I had the chance, the both of them still kept contact. I was so angry that by the time Thomas came again; I beat him up, landing him in the hospital. When I confessed my love to Jane, she cried and slapped me. The hot, burning sensation was still on my left cheek. I suddenly realized what I have done wrong. I regretted it so much that I couldn’t even face any of my friends.

That was how I ended up in New York. I transferred my credits to another university and finished my course. It was there I had my first and second jobs, and it was there I married and divorced my first and second wives. Life was hectic, but I’d never know until now that I had thrown everything of me away.

I breathed the fresh air and greeted my first ‘salve’ and ‘ciao’ after 20 years. And then I used my cellphone and made an international call. After a few dials someone picked it up. “Hello?”

Jane’s voice was still pretty much the same, except deeper. “Ciao, senorita Jane,” I greeted.

“Ciao… oh, Anatole?” her voice was suddenly chirpy. “Where are you now?”

I turned and faced my back to the river, looking at the vehicles passing by slowly as if they own all the time on Earth. “Back in Italy. How’re you and Thomas?”

“We’re alright. He’s not as handsome as before, though. He’s in Arab now, working, leaving me with the three kids.”

“Three already?”

“Yes. The eldest one - I think you should remember Win Zee; I sent you her photo, no? – she’s 16, having her O-Levels this year. I had another daughter and son, which forms a trio.” She laughed heartily. “So, how’s your life?”

I shrugged. “So-so. You know how the Americans are: working, marry, divorce, etc.. Both of you must have a really strong bond. I envy you.”

“There are some heated arguments and fights, but we tried to reconcile, for the sake of the three little monkeys.” She was silent for a moment, before she continued: “Can you still sing me that phrase from The Way We Were?”

I smiled. “Could it be that it was all so simple then? Or has time rewritten every line? If we had the chance to do it all again, tell, would we? Could we?...”

ps Anatole, Italian name, meaning 'rising sun' I think xD Yea I did research too. Cuz I was searching for Italian names. So coincidental! Fascinating! xD



This is my chinese exam essay, title originally is 失眠, but i decided to name it like that. =) Edited a little quite a lot to fit one page, and then decided not to submit to Nostalgia. Too many articles about insomnia lol.


人家说,洗热水澡能帮助睡眠。我真的这样做了,可是习惯用冷水的我,一下子就被稍微热的水烫到。走出澡房就听到“吱、吱、吱” 的声音。小花,我的仓鼠,在跑轮子呢。小花的全名叫芙罗瑞特,是个法国名,意思是小花。我把小花捧在手里,带它到书桌上玩水。我让它在我的手心吃瓜子,再让它爬上我的手、背、颈项、头,再自由降落到我的手掌心。它转了几圈,便卷成一粒毛毛的球睡着了。我吻它晚安,慢慢地把它放回笼子里。

雨停了。我抹干桌子,把电脑放回桌上上网。小威在线,但我没和他打招呼。才十几分钟后我就断线了,今晚不像和这世界沟通。小威寄来短讯。“我们好像都睡不着。”虽然断线了,但我还持续写作。小威一直寄短讯过来跟我说故事、笑话。过了十几个短讯,小威又寄来一封:“睡着了吗?睡了就回覆啊。” 他说话总是那么无厘头。


拍照是我的爱好,小威总爱夸张说拍照是我的生涯。我不太喜欢拍人,那些在照相机面前摆pose装可爱,和背景完全不搭配。我喜欢拍生活里的小插曲,那些不轻易流露出来的笑容,所以照相机里除了天空、向日葵和小花的照片,还有父母的、亚姐的、朋友的照,在他们不知情的情况下拍下的,算是偷拍吧。小威总说我很坏,应该被捉去坐牢,因为我“偷” 了东西。“可是我偷的是笑容啊!况且,角度都很美,所以不用担心我会毁了你的形像。” 我告诉他。他看着我拍的照片,圆大的眼睛眯成一条直线。“你好专业,连我最帅的角度在哪儿都知道!” 对,小威就是那么自恋。经过他的家,楼上的灯还没关,原来他也还没睡,或许他趴在桌上流口水。


p/s 芙罗瑞特 is Florette, meaning is flower + suffix, something like little flower 小花. I did research la! Cuz I was finding for French names ;)



I decided not to submit this article to Nostalgia or Xue Hai cuz it wasnt good enough lol. I like the way I write. Very grandma-ish =D






























“Just maybe we’ve been in love before...”


Good & Bad

>> Thursday, 14 June 2007

Win Zee's POSITIVE Traits =D

Win Zee's NEGATIVE Traits =(

Noooo Joanne MIGHT not come back. =( Now I cant talk to her in English and I cant listen to her speaking BritUSAus accent xD

Mary Had A Little Blues is damn diva. I like. ;) Tracy loves jazz. xD


Crumpled up

>> Tuesday, 12 June 2007

[edit]Do this ppl! Win Zee's Good Traits xD[/edit]

I passed my Sejarah and Chemistry! (Ok so I havent get back my P3 but I'm quite sure I can pass lol) Maybe I should shake Waning's arm some more so I can pass everything LOL.
Omg Biology tomorrow!
Results kinda sux. But that's ok. I MUST maintain my no-fail in secondary school. LOL. (yeahh I promise myself that since I was young lol ambitious baby.)

"When I hear somebody sigh, "Life is hard," I am always tempted to ask, "Compared to what?" -- Sydney J. Harris -Come to think of it, it's kinda true xD

Cheer 2007 is on June 23rd and 24th.
Choir competition PJ district level is on June 28th, 8am. Finally.
DJ Prom Night is on December 28th.
Joanne Telur Sausage Breakfast is coming back! I think. HAHA.

Since Jo is like feeling so lost for losing touch with her primary school friends I shall boast sth about it HAHA. jkjk.
Hmm I only keep in touch with my friends. And some other people whom I accidentally got their contacts. Usually online. I dont think I actually kept in touch with my friends - I dont call them, I dont email them often, I dont snail mail them (unless special occassion). Somehow some people kept me in their hearts. xD (Waning's sound effect: Aww...) K la I keep some people in my heart also la! (Waning's sound effect: *pukes*) So yeahh if you received a birthday card for me, you're so lucky, cuz I'm usually heartless. xD If you dont there's three possibilities:
#1 You were/are not my friend.
#2 I dont hv your address. So I only send you an e-card. But that's good enough cuz I dont simply send e-card too lol.
#3 We see each other everyday la!
So yeah remember to bug me everyday to send you a birthday card, if you're that desperate of receiving a snail mail LOL. (ok this is so insulting sorry)
Joanne Teo, send me a card! Cuz I want Australian stamp! xD
I plan to call my friend on her birthday. Remind me please lol.

To Iyin: Leng Hui doesnt recognize me! Can you believe it? He's like complaining about me for not writing testimonials in Friendster for him. I must've looked prettier on slightly-edited no-glasses photo lol. (Yeahh I think so HAHA) Omg I cant wait for Jason Gan to come! I'm gonna say 'hi' to him and hmm maybe hope he wont recognize me lol.
Yijienn owes me JJ poster lol.

I dont say 'hi' to uhh known-ppl-during-primary-school in school lor. Like Ethan Ling, Kah Shin =(, Michelle Ooi, Ping Xin, Joe Shen (he was in my class?!) and maybe some other ppl I dont rmb. See I dont even rmb who was in my class and who wasnt lol. I'm pretty much ignorant.
That guy in NZ is quite significant to me. No la! That's not my crush. I can show you if you wanna lol. Not in DJ btw so haha! Anyways the guy in NZ is significant. He's my neighbour during Std 3 and you could say I always bully him lol. He was such a pale, nice boy. I didnt know there was such thing as atheism last time, and he was an atheist, and I said it's impossible to hv no God lol. And he didnt know whether he stayed in SS25 or SS26 OR SS24 or SS25 I dont rmb which combination lol. And I said how can you not know?! I didnt subscribe to Xiao Xing Xing, so when he get them I'll be the first to read. He reads Harry Potter! And he taught me how to swallow pills. Indirectly. And there was one day where ppl said I like him or he liked me I dont rmb and I said no! i dont like him! but I dont rmb saying i hate him!
Sometimes I portray him in some of my writings. Like the one I wrote in Chinese exam last year, about the friend who died. (I still hate myself for making him dead lol) Uh huh I thought of him. =D
Some things are unexplainable~
Hmm, maybe I should write him an e-mail and just say 'hi'.


World Vision & 'Illos'

1000 Link Challenge

"If you done a Link Exchange with me I will make RM1 (Per Link) charity donation to WorldVision.If end of this month reach 1000 Link Exchanges with me I will sponsor a child through WorldVision."

I went clicking crazy and arrived on some blogs. Illustrated blogs? =D
Angela Matteson
Emila Yusof's Illustrated Blog
Knank for Art - Miker Baker
Lil Kim's Illo Blog
Alina Chau
Paula Becker
Astrid Mueller

Anyways, enough of clicky.


All kinds

>> Saturday, 9 June 2007

Went to SMKBU3 Wind Band Concert in Kelana Seafood. Camera needs a larger capacity of memory card.
I love Mulan! Combination of all the songs from Disney's Mulan. =D
I love Ireland! "...illustrated from the Irish's old time dancing folk songs that are unique and rarely seen nowadays."
I like American Graffiti! Combination of Over the Rainbow, Mrs. Robinson, The Rose, The Shadow of Your Smile, and Diamond is a Girl's Best Friend. =D
I like Queen's Park Melody! "...pictures a palace courtyard where a grand party was held. Wealthy aristocrats were invited and the ball dance begun." =D

I realized I love writing. Lol. Why?
Cuz I wrote like 5 essays/stuff for Nostalgia. (Poor me.) And other more for my own, or send to Xue Hai, which I always forget lol. (Ooh I just love one of them! xP Went research. Yes, Win Zee goes researching.)
And... I'm currently writing 2 English fics and uhh 3 Chinese fics, one which I'm gonna abandon again.
And one story in mind.
Hack Your Way Out of Writer's Block. Funny one. xD

Omg I'm so gonna fail my Sejarah and Chemistry! T______T My fault. Havent been studying. Even if I did, I studied the wrong things. Esp for Sejarah. I pergi study Perdamaian Paris 19XX and Woodrow thingy and Otto Eduard von Bismarck and Real Politik and Darah dan Besi. Outside world is so much interesting la!

Speaking of outside world, I wanna go UK. =( Well mommy told me some ppl bring only their first year fees and go to US to study, then work part-time to earn the rest of their school fees. UK would be impossible, those rich people.
Spain is in Europe. Spain is in Europe. Spain is in Europe. Spain is in Europe.
Madrid is in Spain. Madrid is in Spain. Madrid is in Spain. Madrid is in Spain.
I thought Spain is in South America. That means no beautiful sunshine. =(
I thought Madrid is somewhere in Egypt. That means it's not so Islamic. xD

Haha I didnt go for Librarians' Annual AGM, which is Saturday, the day our holiday began. xD
Holiday's gonna end. No special feelings.

Oh, before I forget, I watched The Constant Garden yesterday! Or the day before. Never mind.

Based on John Le Carre's book.

The thickness of the book scares me.
Starring Ralph Fiennes the beautiful sexy magnetic British voice and Rachel Weisz the idontknowwhat'shernationality beautiful lady.
Such a vibrant-coloured movie. xD
Ralph Fiennes has a beautiful sexy magnetic British voice! Gosh! xD Was like 'MYGOD' when I heard his voice lol.
Such a sad ending. =( I wanna cry. T_T (But I didnt lol.)
I love you, Brazilian director (Fernando Meirelles). =D

I wanna go Africa!
Curse those ppl who thinks Africans' life is cheap. Mommy says US took 11 boys from Morocco for testing of their new medicine.
They all died.
Morocco is in Africa. Morocco is in Africa. Morocco is in Africa. Morocco is in Africa.
Morocco is not in Russia la! The one in Russia is Moscow lol.
I wanna go Turkey! "Turkey welcomes you." (Europe, Asia, Eurasia?)

Check this out! About Turkey =D


Einstein's Puzzle

>> Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Stole from Regina Neoh's blog. Phew, I think solved it! =D I must be the other 2% lol.

Einstein's Puzzle
Albert Einstein claimed that 98% of the people are incapable of solving it.

Let us assume that there are five houses of different colors next to each other on the same road. In each house lives a man of a different nationality. Every man has his favorite drink, his favorite brand of cigarettes, and keeps pets of a particular kind.

1) The Englishman lives in the red house.
2) The Swede keeps dogs.
3) The Dane drinks tea.
4) The green house is just to the left of the white one.
5) The owner of the green house drinks coffee.
6) The Pall Mall smoker keeps birds.
7) The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhills.
8) The man in the center house drinks milk.
9) The Norwegian lives in the first house.
10) The Blend smoker has a neighbor who keeps cats.
11) The man who smokes Blue Masters drinks bier.
12) The man who keeps horses lives next to the Dunhill smoker.
13) The German smokes Prince.
14) The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.
15) The Blend smoker has a neighbor who drinks water.

The question to be answered is: Who keeps fish?


50 Random Facts About Win Zee

>> Monday, 4 June 2007

Since I'm so bored, I shall copy Charlotte.

50 Random Facts about Win Zee:

  1. I NEVER like pink.

  2. Cuz pink is for girlie girls.

  3. And I dont think I'm girlie.

  4. (Can you imagine Win Zee wearing pink, fairy dress? *gasp*)

  5. Orange is a cute and cheerful colour.

  6. Because I have a mini roller which is orange and cute. Heh. =D

  7. JJ is cute+hawt.

  8. JJ has a pair of really really cute dimples.

  9. And a really really hawt bod. =D

  10. I lurrrve laame, shivering jokes.

  11. Especially this : Gummy bear walks on the street. After walking for a VERY long time, it finally said: My legs are getting weak.

  12. But it doesnt sound funny/shivering in English.

  13. I'm not that blur la.

  14. To the extend of "Huh? I had sex already?"

  15. Or "What? The baby is out? Wow, that's quick!"

  16. (And the doctor says: It's because you fainted throughout the surgery, Mrs. XXX)

  17. Come on la. Win Zee is a Homo sapien and can be pissed off too! *hint*

  18. I already thought of my future car plate number.

  19. 1926.

  20. 1991.9.26 My birthday!

  21. I cannot do sports.

  22. I hv low stamina.

  23. My heart is weak.

  24. Therefore my muscle has to respire anaerobically after, like, a few minutes.

  25. Biology is GOD, btw.

  26. Therefore Pn. Lim is (EVIL) GOD.

  27. Anyways, I like sarcasm.

  28. So I love Jack Sparrow.

  29. (I like his make-up too HAHA)

  30. Keira Knightley is hawt.

  31. Therefore Pride & Prejudice is hot.

  32. Another reason the movie is hot is because of Mr. Darcy.

  33. Too bad he doesnt look that handsome in real life. Sighh.

  34. I love musicals.

  35. When I was little, I ALWAYS watch musicals.

  36. Be it Disney's cartoons or other musicals.

  37. (Btw, April Rain or something from Bambi is a great choir song. Go listen it LOL I'm serious la!)

  38. So I thought the only genre that exists in this world is musicals.

  39. All hail musicals!

  40. The first non-musical movie I watched is Anna and the King. Starring Chow Yun Fatt and another lady lol.

  41. I thought it was baad (to hv this kind of non-musical genre) and boring.

  42. Well, it IS boring.

  43. I never liked fairytales.

  44. Because it's so fake. "And they lived happily ever after..."

  45. Therefore I'm cynical since birth. Evil baby.

  46. I dont like Shrek, the character.

  47. Unlike Lilo & Stitch, where I ALWAYS hate Stitch in the beginning of the movie and LURRRRRRRVE him at the end of the movie.

  48. He/it is so cute.

  49. Shrek is yucky. *pukes*

  50. I shall make this last number useful: I usually eat little biscuit crumbs first before I go on with "complete pieces". =D

Oh, look! 50 really really random facts!



>> Sunday, 3 June 2007

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Mr. Bean Rowan Atkinson's voice is so, omg, DAMN NICE.
Went to YouTube to search for Anastasia's videos. Watched the German version of Once Upon A December. Dont know what's Anya singing about, but lyrics doesnt matter. =)
warm is pronounced is vam. jemand is pronounced as yeemand. lol.

YouTube: Once Upon a December - multi-lingual xD
German version (w/ subtitles)
Flemish version
Icelandic version
Greek version
Thai version (The song sounds nice)
Portuguese version (Very hindi lol when spoken but nice when singing! xD)
Spanish version
Italian version
And finally...
English version


Tagged: 5

>> Friday, 1 June 2007

Currently listening to: Wings of Forgiveness - India.Arie
Oh, look! I'm tagged by Rene!
1. 5 things found in my bag
- Books
- Calculator
- Pencil case
- School diary
- Notebook

2. 5 things found in your wallet
- Money kaching!
- Pocket calendar
- Receipts
- Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End movie tickets -___-;;
- Oil control film LOL

3. 5 favourite things in your room
- My bed!
- Books~~~
- JJ's albums =D
- My useless ole' comp =)
- Photo album

4. 5 things you've always wanted to do
- Street artist with my foldable grand piano xD
- Mermaid =D
- Meet Jack Sparrow. Noo not Johnny Depp. JACK SPARROW.
- Go to Starbucks and write lol

5. 5 things you're currently into
- Jack Sparrow
- The sky
- Mayerl's Autumn Crocus
- Mozart's Sonata in B Flat K333, 3rd movt LOL
- Mozart's Twinkle Variations!

6. 5 persons that you tagged
- Waning
- Jo
- Sher Min =D
- Joanne Breakfast
- Iyin


Jack Sparrow damn hawt

Spoilers ahead?
Went to BookFest in KL Convention Centre and later went to 1U to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End. Hehehe not interested in Spiderman 3. Never was.

It was very very very long and I kept wondering when the movie would end lol. It started with a beginning I'm not familiar with, perhaps from the previous movie, which I didnt watch. Anyways. I'm waiting for Jack Sparrow for soooo long until he finally appeared lol. I still love him!
I dont know why Sao Feng is there la. He's very very minor. But I love his make-up! HAHA. "Welcome to Singapore."
Will and Elizabeth's love is dominating in the movie lol. What a sad ending! ARGH! "Ten years at sea, one day at shore..."
Overall it was almost boring until Jack came HAHA and I dont really get all those bargain things but what the heck, the visual was great. =D However, their British accent wasnt too much, so it's pretty understandable LOL.
Jack Sparrow: ...Who am I?
John Beckett: *uh...* *shook head*
Jack Sparrow: *what the heck* I'm Captain Jack Sparrow.

Jack Sparrow: You may throw my hat if you want. =)
Captain Gibbs: *yippee* *throws hat* ^^
Jack Sparrow: Now go get it. -_-

Intended to complete my Moral project or study, but in the end, I washed my pencil case (and forgot that tomorrow I hv POL -___-;;) and later drew!

First step: OUTLINE

Not exactly. The perfectionism behind the imperfection.

Second step: CUT & PASTE

On Viva ad, on my favourite newspaper The Star! xD
Love redefined by Perodua winzee.
When Boy Meets Girl...
i love u

(We met in the sea of people.)
*I hv no other meaning except boredom!


They are our child! ~Faber-Castell


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