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"Success is the prize for those who stand true to their ideas!" -- Josh Hinds

"Buried deep within each of us is a spark of greatness, a spark than can be fanned into flames of passion and achievement. That spark is not outside of you it is born deep within you." -- James A. Ray

"There isn’t a ruler, a yard stick or a measuring tape in the entire world long enough to compute the STRENGTH and capabilities inside you." -- Paul MeyerF

"Stress is like a violin string. If there's no tension, there's no music. But if the string is too tight, it breaks. You want to find the right level of tension for you--the level that makes harmony in your life." -- Allen Elkin

Violin violin violin violin violin!!!!

Exams stresses me out.
Revolution is slow whereas evolution is quick.
#1 I'm evolving to a panda.
#2 I'm a tea-drinking machine.
#3 I'm a sleeping-on-table machine.
#4 I'm a yawning machine.
#5 I'm a eating-in-class machine.
I'm failing Chemistry. Hmph. Add Maths should be alright. So is English.
I'm crapping in Chinese 1 HAHA.

Guess what?
Win Zee passed her Grade 8 theory exam!
67. Not bad not bad. I'm expecting a fail. Nobody got higher than 70 in our group so... it's ok la. xD

(Yay Blogger finally hv autosave. Good for you.)

Recital was alright. Romance is still soooooo romantic. There's this Concertino which is equally romantic, but the violinist is so kayu that even when I close my eyes the music is kayu. O_O
Cello has a really warm and assuring sound. Ok dont ask me why assuring. -____-;; I like.
Win Zee shall learn violin either after her diploma exam or when she has the money.
Almost everyone were wearing BLACK. People should be cheerful. =D
I want a flat tummy. =(

Ok you know what someone wants winzee. But aiyah it's not in real life. As I hv said before, 网恋可悲,因为好像现实中没人要。 Let's see...

Mexican guy: do you hv a boyfriend?
Maia: nope
Mexican guy: O_O oh why not? you're cute... (i conclude that camwhore photos are nice)
Maia: cuz no one wants me xD
Mexican guy: i just met you... and i want you...
HAHAHAHAHA. *pukes* Sexual harassment alert! xD And he calls me 'dear' and 'sweetie'. from beginning till the end. Chat lasts for a few minutes.
Another one... a Florida guy. DAMN PERVERT LA.

Maia: What's your name?
Florida guy: Leo... HOT Leo (uhhh ok.)
Webcam invitation stuff, decline.
Florida guy: blablablaidontrmb i'm hot for you today.
Maia: (sh*t what should i reply) yeah yeah.
#1 Kita haruslah bersikap mesra (ataupun berpura-pura bersikap mesra) terhadap rakan internet agar mereka berasa terima dan selesa.
#2 Win Zee haruslah belajar lebih lagi camwhore pose yang cantik.
Yes I allow you to puke.
If only I look as nice as my camwhored photos xD

Violin. Magnet. English. Ginger. Burnin'.

I wanna watch It Started With A Kiss! Cuz the theme song E Zuo Ju by Wang Lan Yin is soooo nice.

Ohhh before I forget...
Happy birthday Joanne "Telur" Teo Sue Yin!
You SHOULD be receiving sth... Wanted to call you but $$ is the problem. xD sorry la. But really I should do it some day... yea some day. Cuz it's a really sweet and touched feeling. =) (and heartache for the caller's wallet LOL)

Win Zee loves camera. (Eh I speak in third person. I'm either cute (come here, littlekittywhat'sthenameagain come to mummy) or pretentious (earl wants to eat cereal)(from The Star's comic LOL).) Sky is beautiful. But it needs some birds so that my photos are alive.

Win Zee ada language? (aiyah third person again) Win Zee's language? Hmm...

Jo go O_O "OMG!" when she saw Jebat's F1 look. HAHA. Kevin and Pang Wayne were sooooo cute! xD
Grace Chia: Do you know... Jebat?
Win Zee: Yeah. Damn hot.
Nooo eggy Win Zee (iish third person) is not paedophiling even Zhun Chieh IS cute.

From Hwee Ching's blog:
This year's prom will be held in the J.W. Marriot Hotel on the 18th of December.
Early birds (before the 2nd week of June) : RM120 per head
After the second week of June til the end of July: RM140 per head
Starting 1st August: RM160 per head
Pay up! xD

You know what everyone's getting so emo.

Win Zee (iish dont bother about third person) must study.
Win Zee must hv an aim.
Win Zee must for mom's sake get straight As. "Because I hv the potential" -______-;;
Win Zee must be mature.
Win Zee must be THIN by prom night! Flat stomach, thin arms, thinner thighs.

Waning's ready to/are having a boyfriend
HAHAHAHAHAHA. Not that I mean anything but the statement is funny.

Went to Taman Megah's Badminton Court with Sim Wuei, Kar Yan, Yijienn and Yee Xin for Milo survey. Forced to drink a can of new Milo and got RM30! =D

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