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>> Saturday, 5 May 2007

Life is damn bored these days. Kept borrowing laame romance novels from the library.
Online is boring-er. I've been watching some boring ppl camwhored photos and going to Friendster. Friendster = surveys = laaame = bored.
I'm supposed to study! Wth! And when I'm by the table getting bored I'd take out a paper and started writing. For Nostalgia purpose, which ALWAYS turn out to be Xue Hai material. Articles not suitable for the "holy" Nostalgia. Hmph.

Jo's supposed to be online. She said so. Sheesh.
I hv a webcam. Was thinking of installing it today when Jo came online. Since she did not I didnt install it.
No, Jo. I dont like nature. I just lurrve the sky and rainnnn and night!
Jo wanted to perform during Hari Guru! *GASP* And she wanted me too. -___-;;
I told Jo that Waning says my blog is boring. (But I love my blog! I love you bloggy woggy.) Jo said "No!" and said stuff that Yu Szen and gang said my blog is "interesting". I dont rmb la. -____-;;

On my latest camwhored photo... Dunno Waning's serious or not cuz she wrote "winzeeeeeeee...u sgt lonely kah?" (one day i'll get bored of my own name) so I dont know if she's serious and she didnt ask me in reality. She just told me she commented.
#1 I'm bored. And I looked nice that day. So I camwhored. (You see my face has a mood on its own. On outings I'll look ugly and on myself I look... ok.)
#2 Uhh like Win Zee is my only friend?! Ok actually I'm not sure. *gasp*
(Oh, look! Half dimple! =D) (Sighhh some ppl can just look so nice in smooching or piggy pose.)

Some CHS ppl said that some girl prefect in their school was caught making love (zuo4 ai4) in a room. They said she was fired. Umm from prefect not school. (And I feel that it's not enough HAHA.) (Does CHS ppl couldnt control their nafsu? Mau buat pun buat di luar sekolah lah.)
Make love. HAHAHA.
My gosh. Make love is like something very holy and it involves the deepest deepest deepest DEEPEST love.
That's how high I rate love. Romantic? O_O
(So I really wonder if Jo wanted to uhh be made love (orrr sth i dunno) or, y'know.)
Still, being stripped is a scary thing. Like rape. I HATE RAPE OMFG.

Pn. Lim the God talked about bioassays (huh? bio essays?). It's about gaining knowledge in experiments by observing. Or sth like that. And she talked about behaviour stuff, blablabla. So now I want to conduct a survey-like bioassay. Waning punya infection telah saya jangkit. Cuz I want to conduct a bioassay of love. -____-;; Punch me. (The photo captions "punch punch punch" reminds me of Ham Ham munch munch munch. DAMN CUTE.)
Oh yes Pn. Lim is God. Cuz Biology is GOD. Speaking of Biology a little F1 boy came to Grace Chia to ask for the red spot Biology book. And later he took a reference book, should be Biology.
Ooh yeah I like him. HAHA.

Jen Liz

This is bubble face. That's what Jen Liz says.

I dont rmb acting cute la Waning. In my camwhore photos I mean. I dont upload them. So memalufying la! I dont even rmb where I actually put it. -___-;; Camwhore photos are craps.
Oh right survey-like bioassay. Survey-like because I hv to ask ppl. Bioassay because I want to observe. Duhh. It's about love and practically all the questions I wanna ask. I hv to compile a list of complete questions. Currently 4 questions. Damn memalufying but wth love is a very interesting thing. Homo sapiens are VERY interesting. I shall be a social psychologist.

I dont understand why ppl use mahai sohai chibai and doesnt know the meaning of it.
Ser Siang: Mahai!
Norita: Eh!
Ser Siang: Ehehe, sorry, cikgu. (to Joe Shen) What does mahai mean ah?
Sohai means so chai (fool) or sth like that. Nothing big deal. I rmb hearing it in Hokkien shows. Was damn shocked lol!

An afternoon session librarian came and talked to us.
Ee Lin (to me): How to pronounce your Chinese name?
Win Zee: Zhang Yin Qi
Ee Lin: Yin Qi... like menyebabkan.
That's a quick reaction. I miss yin qi huo zai-ing. Menyebabkan kebakaran. That's why Win Zee's hawt. She sweats a lot. Std 3 nickname.
Afternoon session librarian hit a guy librarian's head. She said she hates boys. Ah, those boy-hating days. She said she want to be in morning session because like that she can watch TV.
I dont rmb being in afternoon session. Not at all.
Omggg I've grown up and going to become a typical adult who doesnt rmb A THING in their childhood. DIE LORRR.

Eh, got Goong OST! Speaking of it reminds me of Full House OST. Not nice la. -___-;;
Download Goong OST here!
Download Goong S OST here!

WTF?! They changed the casts for Goong S?! (Ok I'm slow cuz Goong doesnt attract me. -__-;;) Yul is soooo cuuuuuute laaahh!!
Goong S casts
(Aiks I'm cursing.)
When I post up looooooong posts it means I'm bored. DIE LORRR. Like f3 the time.

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