>> Saturday, 12 May 2007

Chemistry is craaaaaap. I'm failing. But that doesnt really seems to bother me...
I finally understand the need of studying everyday. Hmph.
I can do completing the square! Hooray! xP Ok now integration and dydx thing (what's that again?)...
I want to make my own layout! xP

Sano is hawt. Gosh!
Wu Zun

L-R: Sano, Mitsuki, Nakatsu

Sano likes Mitsuki, Mitsuki likes Sano, Nakatsu likes Mitsuki. Nakatsu is damn cute! When he realized he likes Mitsuki he was so paranoid because he thought he was gay HAHA.
(Iish stupid blogger pic so small)
Sano is so much hotter than Wu Zun hor. xD

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