To beloved Wan Ying:

>> Wednesday, 18 April 2007

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY CHAN WAN YING aka Shampagne aka Shampoo!

Thy Royal Highness, Princess Shampagne of DJ HAHA

Woot you're 17 now.
01. Lame
02. Musically + literature-ly + performing arts-ly inclined
03. Glass bottle syndrome
04. Child-like/Childish
05. [edit:] Stubborn
06. Dependent
07. Naive?!
08. Violent *gasp*
09. Il Divo is GOD
10. Camwhore
11. Impatient
12. Princess-y, girlie
13. Classical/old-fashioned HAHA
14. Pink & Green rox
15. Romantic/xiao3 niao3 yi1 ren2
16. Afraid of loud noises (it's thundering outside! Bing bang wham!)
17. Afraid of pain (rubber band! balloon!)
So there you are, 17 Facts about Wan Ying!
I know I'm sweet. Say thank you.

Ok since you requested it...

Nicer pic of yours (alone)

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