>> Sunday, 1 April 2007

To fellow homo sapiens:
I'm not in a good mood in the morning, so dont make stupid lame jokes about me, cuz I'll say meeaannn things.

So my results suck.
BM - 62
BI - 77
Biology - 55
Physics - 53
Chemistry - 40
Add Maths - 67
Maths - 88
Moral - 67
EST - 58 (WTH!!)
Sejarah - 57
Total: 624/10
Average: 62.4
Position: 15

guess how much i love you and morning moon and lost wings is niice. So melancholic.
Cheers Darlin' is sexayy. The front part. Clarinet is sexayy. And whispering is sexayy. xD But it's ticklish, even through earphones. I'm allergic to whispers xD
Just where to upload music?! Ripway is slow, Mydatabus is slower! Sheesh!

We know more about the outerspace than we know about our planet's oceans.

Win Zee says: Everyone deserves compliments!
I dont trust ppl. Easily. But thank you! =D
Win Zee thinks: Being emo and crying is everyone's privilege.
Win Zee thinks: We should start conserving the environment.
But it's so hard. =(
Win Zee says ALOUD: Listen! The rain, the wind, the sun, the rainbow... Malaysia is beautiful. And so are we. =) The homo sapien beside you might be crying you know.
Life is not black and white. It's grey. And when you see the world as unfair, it's fair.
I realized that life could be fair, justice - if homo sapiens arent greedy/selfish!

This is so random. But somehow I'm used to it. Haha. I'm a random person!

I MUST exercise!! I must at least lose those flabby butterfly wings arms!! And not so much spare tyres!! And thinner thighs and butt!! I hv an abundance of fat. And my BMI indicates that I'm in the normal range.
Since my chin is uh sharp (?!) so my face is thin. I think. And that gives me the illusion that I didnt gain any weight. HAHA I deceive myself.
I hv acrophobia.
List of Phobias
Alektrophobia: HAHA fear of chickens HAHA.
Sorry. xP

Form 2s are so omg.
Yesterday I was ronda-ing the library as usual. The book shelves. Guo Tung should learn to differentiate Ketua Harian and Ketua Majalah. Nigel is the only responsible inside-room commitee HAHA. So anyway I was jaga-ing the book shelves. I thought there was no importance in jaga-ing so I just briefly walked around. Mana tau ada orang sedang pat tuo fa hao! The girl was sitting on the blue couch which must have taken from pejabat, the guy was holding her on the waist. Omg I was so furious. I went to them and said "Excuse me; please dont do this in the library" and pointed at them. I am so nice. I forgot to add "or else get out".
Pang Wayne told me last year the importance of jaga-ing book shelves. "...in case people are kissing."
Ah, something exciting before I graduate.
HAHA Joanne Teo HAHA.
Sighh these ppl must have thought I'm a nice person (I am but that's not the point now). They are just form 2, cute cute short short some more! Wth!
We mature a little too early.

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