Interact I.U.

>> Monday, 23 April 2007

Interact I.U. was DA BOMB! Woot!
Idunnowhatshisname is a really cool... boy. He's like Wei Jin #2. Personality and voice. GOSH. When he called me it's like Wei Jin calling me.
(My name must be really nice to say cuz Waning and Jo and Iyin likes to add 'Win Zee' in every sentence and every SMS. xD Win Zee Win Zee Win Zee Win Zee. My name is a tongue twister.)
WHOAAAA miming is cool. They are red mimes.
I decided that guys who play the violins are damn charming. So Quan Yuan is charming, besides the fact that he looks like Nicholas Teo, which looks like Kim Jae Won, which means he's cute AND charming. xD
Pn. Daljit would look nice in the Punjab dance. xD
African guy loves me! xD I know cuz he was pointing at me and sang "I love you". xD Waning knows about it HAHA so go ask her.
"You're my Chinese queen, you're my Japanese queen, you're my Kenya queen, you're my Malaysian queen~"
Waning: So flower heart. Tsk tsk.
Photos will post up LAAATER, until I installed photoshop.
SK Taman Megah choir was SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD. They hv the voices of angels. Angels who wear jeans. I wanna see their table cloth uniform.
We're aubergines. Check out Waning's blog and ignore Il Divo.
I wanna see Joel. Together with Tracy! Cuz he seems cute in the phone HAHA.

There's 2 Jun Jie in DJ, or afternoon sessions, that I know. Lim Jun Jie (his parents went too overboard HAHA) and Zhun Chieh. Hmph.
I wanted to tell Zhun Chieh that he's cute but I always forgot. And I dont dare la xD I'm not "that type". I'm so bitchy O_O I think I went overboard. Eek.
He said he saw me in school. I said 'hi' to him on Friday and he was like shocked and surprised and I think he couldnt react quick enough lol! Very shocking meh?
Maybe I'll pop in the library on Tuesday and say 'hi' to him. Waning, learn from me. xD

On Friday he overlooked at me counter-ing. There's this book unavailable, so I did some stuff and available-d it. And then he, the one who talks the LOUDEST, suddenly like very soft and gentle. Yes, gentle. "You know a lot about computer, huh." OMGGG.
Ok I think too much la.
(But it's trueeee. His voice is soft, that's of course, cuz he's talking to me, and gentle.)
Ignore me. Dont ask me who he is. Noooo not even you, Joanne Telur.

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It's very easy for me to be single and stay in love over time. I dont think I'd been distracted!

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I shall not marry. To Jo: Nooo sex doesnt attract me xD.

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