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The sun had just risen from the horizon. The birds were chirping cheerily, welcoming the warm sunshine. Sean Flynn lied on his bed, awake. He had been awake for quite some time, perhaps about two hours already. It was time to get ready for another day of work at the recording studio, but he could not find the energy to sit up and walk to the bathroom.

When the clock on his desk rang, he hit the snooze button and jumped out of his king-sized bed. It was still six in the morning. He had time to jog, he thought. It was long since he had been out to the nature and enjoyed the beauty of it. He brushed his teeth and washed his face quickly, then changed to his jogging suit and jogged out of his mansion.

He loved to jog, not at the jogging machine in the gym but at the outdoors. He loved everything of Mother Nature; every drop of water, every grain of sand, every ray of sunlight, everything, and he liked it more since he met Alexandria. They reminded him so much of her, especially those green eyes, as green as emerald, as green as the Morning Sea. She was just as beautiful as the nature.

She had always been the one who spent more time outside with the trees and flowers and sea. She loved it, and aspired to be a marine biologist in the future.

How long had it been? Was it ten years, or more? Ten years ago, when he realized she was gone he thought he could not live anymore, without her. Now, here he was now 26, a handsome R&B singer who had charmed all the girls in US, or perhaps the whole world. The most pathetic thing was that he could not even charm Alexandria that easily. He laughed bitterly.


Sean Flynn, only sixteen, walked into the fast food restaurant. He saw Alexandria sitting at the corner by herself, sipping slowly her chocolate milkshake, looking at the people outside the window. He sat opposite of her and ordered a huge glass of coke.

"Xan, I just wrote you a song; it’s called 'Eternity'. It sounds like this." Then he started humming the melody softly.

His voice was magnetic and melancholic, not to mention melodious. Yet, Alexandria was not listening attentively to him. She just nodded her head, sipping her chocolate milkshake and looking at the people outside the window. He noticed. He covered her hand with his. "What’s wrong, Xan?"

She turned to look straight into his eyes. She looked calm, but he could see fear under her emerald green eyes, but he did not say it out. She kept quiet. He wanted to break the silence, but he had no idea of what to say. Five seconds had passed, and they were still staring at each other. Was this going to last forever?

"Sean, dear, let’s break up. I can’t stand it any longer," she said finally.

He froze. He did not expect anything like that coming out from her pink lips. They were a pair of sweet loving couple, and nothing had happened in their relationship, except for the occasional childish arguments.

"But...but why, Xan? We were all right, there’s nothing wrong between us. If you’re pressured, just tell me, or-"

"No, Sean," she cuts him off rudely. "Nothing’s wrong between us. Something’s wrong with me. Forget about me, OK?" She stood up from the cushioned chair and walked out of the restaurant.

He sat there for a long time, then buried his face into his hands.


Without realizing a thing, ten years had already passed. During these years, he found out from her friends that she had brain tumour. It was malignant. Her doctor arranged her for an operation in Russia to remove the tumour. She thought she had no chance of living. She did not want him to know, or to get hurt because her death, so she broke up with him.

Such a silly girl, Sean thought, smiling.


Sean was recording his new song in the recording studio. He had recorded the song for a few days already, yet he could not satisfy nor the producer or himself.

Alexandria left today, ten years ago. St. Valentine’s Day. How irony could that be? He tried to forget about her, but he failed to. The song ‘Eternity’ brought back the bittersweet memories she had left for him, but it made him weary. For the whole of ten years, he felt like he was an incomplete human being. He wanted Alexandria. Although many beautiful women had been around him because of his status, he still was lonely.

"Sean, we’ll just continue tomorrow," the producer said to him. Sean thanked the producer, picked up his jacket from the sofa, and walked out of the recording studio.

He drove aimlessly on the street and came to the fast food restaurant he and Alexandria usually came ten years ago. The building was still there, but it looked more antique. He put on a cap and a pair of glasses to disguise himself.

He ordered a glass of chocolate milkshake, just like before. He took his milkshake and came to the place where he and Alexandria usually sat. He just sat there and stared blankly out the window, did not realise that the table was already taken.

"Excuse me, Mister, do I know you?" the lady asked. She was drinking a glass of chocolate milkshake, too.

Sean heard her, he turned and looked at her. The green eyes, the pink lips, the puzzled expression and the way she tilted her head, they all belonged to Alexandria. It was she.

"Alexandria. Xan," he called out, taking off his glasses.

"How did you know my-" She stopped and gasped, covering her mouth with her hand. Sean Flynn, the famous international singer, was right before her eyes. Moreover, it was Sean. The sixteen-year-old Sean she knew, the Sean she had thought about everyday in the past ten years. "Oh my God, Sean..."

He covered her other hand with his, smiling at her. She smiled back at him.

They were willing to exchange the ten years, those years that seemed so short yet so long, thinking of each other, with this five seconds of forever.


In the recording studio, Sean sang, "I will catch for you the stars, if you promise to give me your love for the rest of eternity..."

He looked out the soundproof glass. Alexandria, with her thumb up, mouthed to him, "You’re awesome!" He smiled at her.

Everyday with Alexandria seemed like a heavenly eternity. He was finally a whole again.

OMGGGG I cant believe I wrote this to MPH for some competition! Damn embarrassing xP

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