>> Saturday, 7 April 2007

I'm typing all out again, the third time, because the first time was a physical error as in I accidentally pressed back, second time because it sux. Oh gosh. I dont what got into me.
Maybe I'm feeling emo.
To those ppl who desperately wants to see me emo, here it is.
Laame ppl!
And if you desperately want to see me cry, get me some soapy movies. Or just scold me like hell.
I'm like so fragile. xD

I'm collecting cute little glass bottles. Bird's Nest, for example. They're so cute that it's impossible for me not to look at it.
And I'm supposed to hv glassophobia because I committed suicide once. Hmm.

I am FAAAT. BMI arent accurate. I fall in the normal range. And I'm fat.
How do ppl look so nice even though they're fat chubby voluptuous? Hmm.
That's why I need confidence. But that's not why I want in the first place though.

Were you talking to me, Waning? I'm so sorry to be so insensitive, but I was in the good mood that time. Blame it on Tai that idiot disrespectful guy xD
Oh no, Waning. I think I'm confused. Dont ask me at all. I'll tell you in some other ways.
Shit. What the hell.
(Ok I am obviously emo. Cuz I'm cursing.)
I think I hv philophobia. Ah. I think I'll stay single.
Life will be boring. *yawn*

I'm naive. And I hate myself
Making ppl cry is unforgivable. To me. Cuz you hurt ppl! And you dont like it when you scratch your knees or dislocate your shoulder riight.
But that's like a normal thing in relationships. (ANY relationships)
What world! Arent crying is supposed to be limited to soapy movies and dramas and touching or happy stuff?
Welcome to Win Zee's World.
And I'm naive.

I realized that one way to commit suicide is to be emo. Indirectly, of course. Being emo is like a slight depression. And severe depression causes suicidal cases cuz they lost hope on world or ppl. So yeahh being emo is very dangerous.
Haha wth.
I am dikephillic. JUSTICE SHALL BE DONE. I'm not lawyer person, and lawyers in reality doesnt work like in Love Story in Havard or HK dramas. Hmph. That's really dramatic. And I want dramatic. xD

I feel like talking to myself some more. But I dont know what to write. Besides that I'M FAT AND I'm going to Leo I.U. tomorrow! Whee~! Jo and I (and maybe some other ppl) will camwhore kao kao and be vaain kao kao.
I cant believe I'm wearing heels tomorrow! If it's Jo you'll be seeing me tripping.

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