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>> Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Carlos has a very radio DJ English. But but but it's nice. Must be really chunted to train until that high level.
Nobody screams. So cold la. -_______-;; Lee Hom JJ say "I love you Malaysia" and the whole crowd screams. Weird bunch of Il Divo fans. WEEEEEEIRD.

Waning said her bro has this seems-to-be-cute tutor which might be her tutor as well. She wants him to teach her about Mandarin (curse you waning), Add Maths and ____________.
I sooo want to post that 2 words up. ;)
Waning is Winzeephyllic. Or WinZeephobic, I dunno.
Speaking of cute...
Joel Wong! I wanna see you with Tracy Wong! You must come on the next practice!
You! Yes, you! Even though you smoke and explained the reason why guys prefer virgins, I still wanna see why she likes you so much! Waning says the way Nigel blogs is like how Matt does, so I wanna see. Cuz I like the way he blogs. I dunno why.
Seems-to-be-cute tutor! I juga mahu tengok awak!
Wee from Project Superstar is damn cute. He has this really nice voice.

Spanish is similar to English. Waaait. La musica lia mo la romantica what lingua paperona wth? Ok anyway I heard only La musica and then what lia mo la?! then romantica then some stuff then lingua and pepperoni.
I wanna go to Spain!
Waning says she dont mind being Carlos punya mistress. She's the one suggest it some more. Tsk tsk. And I told Chuu Khai that she wants to be more physically with him. Chuu Khai added that Carlos will sprinkle cash.
Speaking of cash, I'm broke.
I guess ppl will hv a really crazy period of being a fan. I entertain myself. xD

Waning, I rock. ;)

Iron & Wine is nice. Chen Ying Jian listens to really alternative music.

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