>> Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Someone wants me to do this.
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Ok since I'm blogging I shall blog properly.
I got 15 in class, percentage 62.6. GOSH. Hmm I get 62.6 and I get 15. But in all ways I still dropped. My fault.Poh Hui got first.
Keira Knightley blend is difficult. Bleah.
Waning is obsessed with love the brain. Ooh seriously we are all so fascinating! How can a brain and a heart control us?! We are so rock.
We had a serious chat today. About love and hormone called dopamine. Love quotes for Waning from Wikipedia
Elizabeth Barret Browning's Poems. Ohh she's dead.
I decided to go to Leo I.U. I'm wasting my money. Never mind la, last year liao.
Ah, the term 'last year' is overused.
Well, not exactly. Because you cant do those things later next year. =(
I realized I hv two 16-years-old! xD I lead a double age life.
Ahh life is boorrring. Maybe because I dont find anything fun. =(
JJ's 熟能生巧. That song is exaggerating, obviously, like he desperately need love. I'm not that desperate, of course, but hving someone *special* (cough) is more fun.
No, Iyin, and everyone else. I'm single. I hv no comment about it, of course.
Ok finally an unknown French is talking to me.

maia: hello
simo: *nudge* ca va
maia: you are..?
simo: tu pareles arabic (you ??? arabic)
maia: are you a french?
simo: yes (FINALLY an english word!)
maia: ohh bonjour =D
simo: bonjour (damn cold la this person)
maia: asl?
simo: moi simo. et toi (and you)
maia: i'm maia
simo: utilise la cam (definitely a guy -______-;;)
maia: sorry no webcam
simo: skyblog
maia: huh?
simo: ton foto (your photo)
maia: my display pic
maia: how old are you?
simo: 18 et toi
maia: i'm 16. i'm from malaysia. and i'm not a malay xD
simo: ton age (your age)
maia: 16. you're in college?
Pn. Tan seems to hv a pretty good mood these days.
They're not annoying, Waning. Well maybe a little during the early times but they're not annoying! I think they're nice to talk to. Especially Pn. Tan CK, about serious stuff. =D

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