>> Saturday, 10 March 2007

Girls in love are crazy girls.

Yay exams' over!
Chemistry and biology was crap. Pn. Lim is good in psychology. She knew we would be studying form 5's like crap so she set the papers mainly in form 4. While chemistry I forgot to put a burette. And a conical flask. Basically I only have a beaker, a glass rod, iron powder, sulphuric acid and copper (II) sulphate. Add maths was alright, and I hope the result is alright. Sejarah and moral were crappy, literally. Languages were alright.

I tell you ah, my dad so cute. Mom asked him to buy SOME dates back, and he bought like more than 10 HUGE BOXES of dates back. xD And a bag of unknown nuts and poutpourri chocolates. SERIOUSLY poutpourri. It's chocolate covering some nut. And then outside the thing is poutpourri. REAL poutpourri. Got fragrance wan you know. So we are eating poutpourri which are flowers and leaves.
We love Mother Nature.
Dad loves Abu Dhabi. Told you we should go there. xD

I'm FAT. aka Freakin' Attractive Teenager. I love my shoulders cuz they're bony. =D Omg I'm fat. Must get fit and thin.
I admire those who can wear skinny jeans. That's soo out of my range.

Waning is officially a camwhore. I look at her photos and I wanna slap her.
But sometimes she can be just sooooooo cute that I feel like patting her head and hug her till she explodes chokes. But I cant tell you when she's cute. Aiyo.
I mentally bully people. Cuz it's fun. You may report to Pn. Hamizan.

Eye on Malaysia is weird. So tall! But we were talking. Talking is funner than seeing.

I wanna adopt little kids from third & fourth world countries! So cute but they didnt get to enjoy what we can. =( It's impossible for me to earn my first million before I'm 25 though. I dont buy TOTOs and 4Ds and lotteries and I dont steal cuz I'm very bermoral like my mom and I dont do business and people dont give me money out of nowhere unless they wanna get sth from me.

I realized hor I dont trust people. I'm not sure whether I should put the word 'easily'. omg. I wonder why. Hmmmm.
I am Miss Hyde.
"A very cute Miss Hyde."

[EDIT]I think I have schizo. Ooh.
Feel like blogging. But it's 0412 now. Gosh!
I dont like sleeping btw. I would much prefer doing something meaningful than sleep. I'm dreamless. But I love my blanket and pillow. *hugs*
I think I'm addicted to love. Not that I like anyone now (if i am you wouldnt be seeing this whole paragraph) but my life is so boorring. *yawn* Some people are having a lotta fun huh! And I had a lotta fun bullying him.

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