Water and Innocence

>> Thursday, 22 March 2007

I'm am a handy Miss Hyde today. I assembled my first wall fan! I rock. Cuz I have no manual and no mom beside me. Whee.
And then later I took out the old printer cuz we hv a new one! And I took about half an hour? to make everything right. And, I must say, I rock. xD

I am officially 5 Balau's cellophane tape-and-scissors girl. Cuz Jo doesnt has cellophane tape xD

I am fat. I cant stand myself! SHEESH.

Before I went home my transporter fetched 2 little boys from Peter & Jane.
Fair: I have no more water. I dont fwen you adie.
Fair: I dont fwen you.
Tan: *whispers* You really dont fwen me ar?
Fair: I dont fwen you. See, my water finish adie.
Tan: *whispers* Dowan dont fwen me.
Fair: See, my water finish adie.
Tan: My water nochet finish. I bring 2 water.
Fair: I bring 1 water so it finished. You bring 2 water so nochet finish. *shows bottle* My water finish adie.
(Fair touch the top of the car) Fair: See I can touch.
(Tan follow suit) Tan: I can touch whole hand, you one finger, I'm better.
(Fair pouts)
Damn cute la wei! And I started wondering where did all our innocence gone to. =( "I dont wanna fwen you." That's a classic. The next minute they're ok already. Haha if only life works that way.
The tan one is so tan that the skin colour doesnt suit him.
Ah, children. Such innocence.
I am guilty. Because I grew up.

Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days

Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days

Sample. I damn love Sam Beam's voice. So comfortable. So country-ish. Who cares if he has a beard xD

Damien Rice - O
Damien Rice - O

Sample. There's 10 songs btw.

Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days
And he HAS a beard. Lol!

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