Final Destination 3

>> Saturday, 10 March 2007


Went to my uncle's house yesterday till 12AM. Watched Step Up and Final Destination 3.

Step Up
Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3 freaked me out. I think I became paranoid. xD
Death is our Final Destination.
I wannad die naturally.
I should work out my list of Things I Want To Do In My Life.
Maybe I should take psychology. =D
I still hv Saw and Exorcism of Emily Rose to watch! But no one's gonna teman me. =( Forrest Gump is so cute la.
I wish I'm photogenic =D Rene I think I'm a natural Bae Yong Jun. Go check out Waning's blog xD

I think I'm going to Kuching. I wanna go choir. =(
Theory exam tomorrow! I havent even touch my papers for revision, cuz I went to like almost everywhere today lol.
I still havent online kao kao, blog kao kao, chat kao kao. Siigh.
Viridian Room 1 totally creeps me out. xD
Viridian Room Walkthrough

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ShamPaGne 13/03/2007, 01:59  

hi win zee XD look at my dp XDDDDDD

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