Sonria (Cabonara) Pasta

>> Saturday, 17 February 2007

Merentas Desa was hellish.
Went to Atria with Yen Pin. Pringles too $$. We went to KFC and drink. A Malay speaking beautiful English was talking on the phone about McD. I whispered to Pin, why McD? And then the guy asked Pin about 1U, McD, SMKDJ etc. And then Pin suddenly so embarrassed.
"I think I saw something I shouldnt see."
"He doesnt seem to wear underpants."
"HUH?! True onot?" *look at the mirror, didnt dare to turn*
"YEAHH I think so."
And then he asked us to take photos of him. I didnt dare to look down xD
"Form 5."
"Huh?! Form 5? *chuckles* "You look like form 1 form 2."
Yong Meng got first. No L3 cuz they ran the wrong route. Kesian. Pn. Lim recognizes me! Hebat got first for... something.

Later went to iThai. Chuu Khai, Emily, Si Hui, Qinmei and I ate Cabonara Chicken. In a Thai restaurant. Haha what irony! Too cheesy lol. 5 balau's version of yam seng - empty glasses. I love you, balau. Looking at the photos, I wanna cry. I cant believe we'll be leaving each other after December 7th! Ah!!
I got ugly.

We're spending CNY at home! I'm so thrilled!

Sonria Pasta is weeird. But Nicholas Teo is cute. I'm gonna d/l the OST!

So cute lar. x3

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