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>> Sunday, 4 February 2007

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6 Weird Habits
#1 After reading the first 2 pages of a book, I skip to the ending
I just cant resist myself! I must know how the story ends. Does the guy die? Or is it the girl? Maybe the mystery is remain a mystery forever. Whatever that is, I must read the ending. It's kind of an impatience haha.
Btw, my way of eating ice-cream is similar to this. I'll eat the top part first, eat until it's almost the same level as the cone, then I'll eat the tip up to the top. *cold*

#2 I can't stop moving - literally
I suspect myself menghidapi ADHD. Hyperactivity. Cuz I cant stop moving! When I stand I uh move from right to left then to left again. When I sit I move my hands and/or legs. I hv to find something to do for my hands and myself, not just plainly sit/stand. The only way to make me stop moving is to let me read. xD

#3 I like writing diary
I like to record down stuff - esp special stuff that happens in a day. Last time I keep a diary, because of some reasons. ;) No more now, cuz I'm lazy to write. I sometimes write/type on the old comp.
Is this even considered as weird?!

#4 I hv a tendency for imagination
Wtv I see, extraordinary stuff, I always hv a quick few-secs imagination. Like one time, when I was waiting for my mom, another guy *gasp* was also waiting, our distance quite faraway. Both of us were leaning against the fence. The imagination was that the guy was popular, but he likes the girl, and he's just too shy to tell her that. Girl likes guy too. (LAME, I know.) And the other time I saw an old couple in the park, old man behind, checking his watch every few seconds, which I thought that maybe his wife was waiting for a 7-o'clock drama, and the wife was in front, a cane to support herself, and she smiled at me. And I imagined that I had a short encounter with them, which they tell me about life's greatest lessons.

#5 I sing in public places
Not exactly... Softly, of course. I'm not that open yet. I dont mind if ppl hear me. I only sing when I'm bored la, obviously.

#6 I hv a seriously imbalanced diet
I eat really little on decent meals (like lunch and dinner). If I were to eat char koay teow, I can be quite full by eating half of it. Or is it a quarter? And then, later, you'll be seeing me eating chips, then apple, then biscuits, then orange, then mentos, then Ceylon tea, then... you get the idea.

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