In love with Wes Bentley xP

>> Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Watched Ghost Rider today. Like the trailer, IT RAAWWKKKKS.

Nicolas Cage - I mean, Johnny Blaze - is cute. He 'drinks' jellies (looks like M&M and smarties) from a wine glass, he loves monkeys, he loves TV, and thinks ppl who doesnt watch TV as pathetic, he hunches and reminds me of JJ lol! He has a hot bod. xD Yo, Nick, you're not supposed to be funny.

Name is Blackheart, scares me because he's an albino (haha) and when he's Legion. Stupid red eyes. xP Cant find Legion's pic.

Your eyes are soo cute!! x3 like a dog xD Somehow reminds me of Takuya Kimura.
*gasping for air* i think i'm gonna faint *gasp* (celeb crush come and go so bear with me)

I wanna watch The Reaping and Freedom Writers!

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