>> Saturday, 3 February 2007

I don't see the need of studying Chinese in school. And also the need of taking Chinese SPM.
I dont mind taking Chinese.
But I SOOO mind studying Chinese in school.
Even though the teacher's from CHS and speak better Chinese than the ex-Chinese teacher, but choir is so...
I dont want to be like Tracy's adult students.
"Why do you want to be in the choir?"
"Because I don't have the chance to be in the choir during school."
I dont wanna!
Someone said that if you regret of something it means you don't respect yourself.
As usual, I dont understand what does it means, but regretting about something feels just sooo bad. I would rather feel guilty than regretting, cuz the feeling of regretting always linger around. Serious!
But... but... my mom insists that I should take Chinese, or else...
And it doesnt mind that if I lost one club, cuz it only consists of only 10 marks, said Zee's Mom.
Bleah, who cares. I care about regretting! (And fun, of course.)

Hving Norela as my Chem teacher makes me dont like Chem. We're only allowed to copy answers.
We're not allowed to think. O_O
And and and enable = an apple
Is it really that hard to get a teacher as knowledgeable and info centre-ish and encyclopedia-ish teacher like Pn. Lim?!
Pn. Tan's birthday is on February 2nd 1958. Happy belated birthday!
"How old are you, teacher?"
"50 minus 1, how much?"
"21 ah?"

I'm a "chic". I'm responsible to hold Elvis Presley Chen's arm and ask for an autograph and being scolded by his manager.

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