>> Friday, 5 January 2007

Nostalgia, here I come! x3
Application letter and resumè is so haaaaaaard. I bet my mom's annoyed because I'm slooow and kinda stupid and very dependent lol.
Ok well now I dont exactly mind if I'm picked. Application letter. Resume. Interview. Oh God. But I have to try! If I dont try I'll definitely not suceed! If I do I hv 50% of chance!
Must see things in a half-full way. Not half-empty.

I think I'm getting crazy. No, I know I'm already crazy!! GAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!
Just what am I thinking? Sheesh. How can I actually do that?!! It's illegal! Umm kinda. Ok well even if its not it's illgal to me. If rules are meant to be broken, my rules arent supposed to be. Hmm.
Should I actually accept the fact? I dont know.
I like her.
I hv a new nickname to be added on the list! Sekarang I Teongku lah, bow down to me! xP Also, I'm Nobody's Girl. And my left hand's mentality age is 3 years old. Or maybe worse lol.
My newer fic's poster is just so nice x3 And I just loooooove their names, thanks to Vita Brevis. At first I wanted to start a fanfic, a FANfic, but I cant picture them! They're just too cute lol. No seriously they're too cute. But I still use them in my poster.
JJ Lin and Rainie Yang! Cute, huh. (I just want to try a new pairing lol.)
And the characters and even settings, are so deja vu-ish and similar. Saw the ad of Silence and I started wondering whether there is originality in this world.
It's so colourful. *covers eyes*

New pengetua is kinda fierce. And her grip is so tight. O_O And Pn. Betty Chuah recognize me! Happy retirement!

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