>> Sunday, 14 January 2007

Listening to: So Far Away

Computer! I miss you so! x3

Going for choir practice means missing bio and chem and physics and add maths.
I look weird in baju kurung. Like so fat xP
We are going to see so many people on Tuesday! Ooh, I just cant wait! x3
I know. We're just so cool. (LOL)
Datin seems like a good person. "We're not going to see the PM, but the PM is going to see us." Oh, we're suddenly in the upper-class society.
Gosh, what am I crapping about?
I hv a very very serious flu. *sniff sniff atishoo!*

My librarian shift is, as usual, on Friday, but different people! Yay! That means much more 'obedient' ppl. Not to say I'm an autocratic and mean and evil ketua harian Teongku are all my humble pity sweating slaves, but at least they actually hv something to do!
Library's 2nd computer can go online! Reading our fics and blogs in the school library, especially it's so public, makes everything so weird. As if we're so vain. xP
And, Shrimp, someone looked over our conversations (you know, the one with ahem?) HAHA.
Violet's friendster has lots of messages, lots of testimonials, and the one I'm really impressed is that she has a long list (ok four or five) friend requests! *envy*

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