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>> Monday, 1 January 2007

HAPPY MERRY JOLLY NEW YEAR!! May all wishes come true!

It’s 2007 now. SPM is freaking me out. (Hey, it rhymes!)

I’m craving for hairbands. Big chunky hairbands. Does Atria sells this? xD

I’m collecting soda can tabs! If you have any, give me! I wanna make a soda can tab belt. It’s so beautiful. =3 So don’t just throw it into the rubbish bin; just give it to me, the other rubbish bin haha.

Joanne’s going to Australia! I have to find a new librarian friend before I become bored in librarian camp and hi-tea. I MUST GO. Also, I’m thinking of joining the Nostalgia people and join Chinese society and quit Interact! It’s my last year of school, and I want to make it really, really memorable. Oh, forget about having a boyfriend. *cough cough* Not like anyone wants me haha. I know what you’re thinking! Just bring that Kidney out of your mind.
His uh nickname did make out a joke. A very stupid one.
“Eh, your sen (kidney in Chinese) stood up,” said Iyin my faux hubby.
“Huh? What? My kidney?” said Zee Iyin’s faux wife. She touched her back while glancing the crowded hall, and saw ahem him standing.
Oh. Right. I forgot. (I know I wrote this before in my blog…)
Hey, 2 years of him absent in my life *coughs again* really do make him into a kidney HAHAHA.
Ok well back to the story. They say getting a bf/gf during school years will just make you love him/her until like the love in Autumn In My Heart: so ‘dai gin si’ haha. Because we’re still childish and thought love is like those we watch on TV – hold hands, kiss kiss, eat ice-cream, shopping, blahs, and in American dramas, sex. Ah, beautiful days. Next year (2008, that is), we’ll not be like that. Nah, don’t think F6 is gonna be like that.

Gah. Taiwan’s earthquake makes Photobucket useless. Of all websites!

Hybrid is a photograph/technique where the photograph is black and white and only something is coloured to attract attention. Ooh. That makes me wanna be a photographer xD

Speaking of jobs, I suddenly think psychology is not for me. I read the psychology and thought it’s kinda interesting, but it was so hard for me to digest, not a single thing!
The only thing I know is that psychology derives from 2 Latin words - psyche as mind and logo as study, which also means psychology is the study of the mind. Bleah, I read this so many times already.
My second choice is journalism or mass communication. But I want to help ppl!(Oh, yeah, evil Yours Truly wants to help ppl!) Die la. I’m going to be in F5 and I don’t know what the h*ll I’m supposed to do with my life! I cant just simply shoot like in objectives. SIGH. Have to see Pn. Mary Ann. MUST.

How to act more mature?

And again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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