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>> Friday, 19 January 2007

Reading Joanne Telur's blog made me emo.
Ah, yes, I'm very easily influenced, and I mean very.

I hv to be strict, said Pn. Monica. I'm too coward la.
Nicholas Lye = brother of Rebecca Lye's
Rebecca Lye = Pn. Monica's daughter
And therefore Nicholas Lye = Pn. Monica's son!
Little sister is 15 kg.

Marina Mahathir punya blog

Esther loves JJ! And so I decided to love her lol.
First and foremost I'm NOT a lesbian (but I cant promise you that I'm not one tomorrow, quoted from Gary Chaw) and I'm not *ahem* married *ahem* to anyone else except for Howl the vain one.
Bleah reading Gecko makes me write like this. O_O
I like Yuuri's English dubbing, btw. Jap seiyuu is like speaking with a chocolate in the mouth. Tak sedap hati la.

*toot* and Neko~!

"He wore that tall hat which he, too, had no idea what it is called. Mom said something about tall, but he thought it was a weird-looking mountain, and still is."
My style of writing.

Life's busy. Doing homework is the only thing I do.

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