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>> Saturday, 6 January 2007

Name 12 of your friends you are thinking of right now:
01. Wan Ying
02. Wen Jo
03. Joanne
04. Qinmei
05. Yen Pin
06. Rene
07. Iyin
08. Chuu Khai
09. Yijienn
10. Esther
11. Cindy
12. Pei Fang

1. When did you meet 10? During std 5.
2. What would you do if you have never met 1? Nothing.
3. What would you do if 3 and 6 dated? OMG I'll faint.
4. Have you seen 9 cry before? I dont think so.
5. Do you think 5 is cute? YEAAAAAAAAAA.
6. What is 12 little secret? Actually I dont know!
7. What's 7 favourite colour? Black I guess.
8. How did I get to know 8? Same class in form 2, last year get to know her better.
9. Who's 4 going out with? Hmm I dunno. No one? Bleah.
10. Who's 5 to you? The 2nd stranger I talked to when I first came to DJ, one of my first friends in DJ. I dont say we're really very close, which I pour out my secrets, but she's really important to me. ^^
11. Would you stay over night at 11's house? Aiyah she's in US la. DUH.
12. Is 2 single? Yes she's single and no she's taken~!
13. What do you think about 3? Worries a lot but really nice!
14. What's the good side of 6? Trendy and very in, info centre LOL
15. What stuff do you have in common with 2? Likes Jap guys, kinda perasan, has once-beatiful mothers, likes singing, plays the piano!
16. What is the weaker side of 4? She's too lame (but that's what I like!), sometimes she pour out all the stuff in your pencil case and you hv to pick it up all by yourself (but I dont mind). Well till now I still cant find any LOL (you pray that I wont find any!)
17. Unforgettable memory with 1? Same class during form 3. She pollutes my mind, and when she actually discovered my *ahem* secret! (Yes, I knew! No matter how DUMB I am I'm still kinda sensitive!)

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