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>> Friday, 26 January 2007

Nostalgia editorial board 07 pass!

Went to see Pn. Mary Ann. And I'm a people person.
If people person means able to make friends faster than you can say 'friends', then I'm not.
But if it means helping people, yeah!
I know, I know. Mr. Hyde punya Dr. Jekyll.
"Have to balance," quote Wan Ying.
Dont be too cynical! O_O
Anyways she says I can be a...
» Special education teacher (must be those video clips we watch in Putrajaya)
» Speech therapist
» Rehabilitation... stuff
» Physiotherapist
» Medical line
» Dentist xD
» Health Sciences
» Psychology
» Counselling
If, one day, you go to a hospital for a blood test and saw a lady scolding a paralyzed snobbish demanding old man, that must be Nurse Teongku. xP
I'm not that impatient, of course. It's hard to make me angry. Or bad mood. Unless I'm scolded. But in a few minutes I'll be ok again~!
Mom says I'm flexible. Happy-go-lucky, apa pun tak apa. Sis says I'm organised. xD
Wan Ying's are so artsy. Mass comm, performing arts. I tell you ah, her voice is like so teh and gentle *cugh* and child-like in front of Pn. Mary Ann that I go O_O *blink* She's moody, easily irritated/irritating, impatient, not a hands-on person, dependent. Wah, so accurate ah akaka!
Si Hui is science-y. Research, engineering, stuff.
I'm social.

After that went to KFC for lunch (Colonel burger and french fry, 1 quarter of Wan Ying's coke), then to Guardian to buy - guess what?


Yes, it's RM13.88. I tell you ar, I'm like those typical aunty, see cheap cheap stuff, some more this with lipstick thing with free lipjuice (?!) I can become blind wan.

Shampoo thick skinned ask the blind me to buy that.

In one day, two baby girls are one step nearer to adulthood.

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..::J.O.A.N.N.E::.. 28/01/2007, 19:20  

haha.. speech therapist.. i've got that too.. hey, you get you phycology.. mine are:
phisio therapy (helping people)
beauty line.. my god, i can't imagine that.
and designer.. design shoes of clothes. jeez!! do you like your choices that pn mary ann gae you?? suits you?

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