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>> Thursday, 18 January 2007

I'm officially a Nostalgian! Congrat me! xP

Photos from Putrajaya

Pak Lah and other VVVVVVVIP was late. Terrible late. 1 hour! And we stood on stage smiling like idiots for hell-I-dont-know-30-minutes? and my jaw was so pain. Since he was in Johor I can understand la.
Hisham doesnt loook nice when he's not smiling. I love friendly people. And he's really friendly!
"Biasa lah Datuk Hisham pergi cakap dengan you, tetapi I tak tau tentang Pak Lah la. Kita tak tau. Dia mungkin akan cakap dengan you, mungkin tidak. Kalau dia cakap dengan you, you ucaplah 'Dato' Seri'."
Jonathan: "Hi, Dato'. Apa nombor?"
In the end Pak Lah didnt. He even used the other stair, the one which dont pass by us. He went up the stairs and pointed at us, and asked Hisham. "Eh, siapa tu?" (imagination) And then Hisham smiled at us! Ah I love friendly people.
Why do I seem like I'm crazy over him? xP
(There's a F3 guy who's also friendly and talktative and havent go through the puberty stage yet. -__________-;;)
Pak Lah said "di-summary". He was script-less, which results in long-winded speech with not a single out-of-topic sentence. It took about 20 minutes. Or was it 30?
When he was talking...
Jonathan's phone rang. "Eh why so long ah?" "Tha Pak Lah la."

Friendliness exists.

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