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>> Monday, 1 January 2007


Went to Batu Caves and thought I might die of exhaustion. Or vomit. Or faint and roll like a ball down to the ground. That proves that I'm very, very weak physically (but as in diseases I'm actually quite good) and should exercise. Bleah, exercise. Mom thought my heart ada problem HAHA.
Saw 4 Japanese boys! I know they're Japanese because they approached us. They wanted Mom to take photos for them, but she thought they're Chinese xD (Their digi cams very flat, and the flatness of these techno stuff made me feel insecure because of its fragility)
Shrimp, I think your standards a bit too high la. Cuz these Jap boys are kinda cute. They said 'sank you' to us and added a Jap word - something that ends with 'masu' and not arigatou. Very long, too. Maybe it means 'thank you so much', because there's no other stuff than that, unless they're saying 'you rock'. In a very embarrassing way, they're not talking to us xD
Yes, that's VERY embarrassing.
Heh, the moment I heard them speaking to us I knew they're Jap! At least they don't dress funny. Once upon a time we went to Carrefore/Giant and saw 3 Japs. One of them dressed so hip-hop-ish (and the girl obviously doesnt understand Msia's clothing culture) that it's obvious he doesnt belongs here.

Mom baked pizzas today! Not as nice as Pizza Hut's, since we dont hv enough mushroom and shredded chicken and cheese and PINEAPPLE, but it's still nice, cuz it's the best thing my mom can come up with xD She has no talent for baking, I tell you. Only cream puff, but that was all. And I ate 4 LOL.

I'm doing a blend/poster for my newer fic. (I'm on the way of completing the other one lol. Writer's block.) It's so colourful that I'm quite sure ppl who saw it will become blind. (Hey, that associates with the fic!) It was supposed to be a fanfic, FANfic, but due to the names it's not a fanfic anymore! They're too cute anyway.
Speaking of JJ *oops* I just read an article on the paper, but don't know how to translate it, especially that important word, so just read the original one.

Let us all jia you for that darn SPM!

Gah, photobucket is not working.
Shrimp, dont get upset. My mom says she dont recall me getting angry. -________-;;

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