>> Saturday, 27 January 2007

I just realized I've became a little bitchy this year.
Just a little teeny weeny, really.
Oh my goodness. Gosh. GEEZ.
So scary la I.

Yesterday night/this morning in about an hour or two I just photoshopped again.

The wonders of photoshop.

I like the fonts la. x3
After photoshoping, which was already about 2am, I went upstairs. I saw that really laame and predictable old chinese novel and read it till 4.06am.
Since mom didnt know I dont hv to go to school today, she, as usual, woke me up at 6.15.
No wonder I'm always related to a panda.

My uncle has a FULL collection of Qiong Yao's novels (that I thought he might be a gay but I'm not that conservative & traditional), that weepy soapy qing shen shen yu meng meng. xD
I still dont know why I liked that show in the first place.
I remember the second time I watched the show I was crying like a tap haha!

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..::J.O.A.N.N.E::.. 29/01/2007, 14:31  

OMG... its that you?? O_O

Anonymous,  12/07/2012, 05:32  

I'm just wondering, does mean anything, or are they simply random numbers?
I would appreciate a lot if you would answer me. :)

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