200107 Joanne's Farewell Party

>> Sunday, 21 January 2007

Being in the Chinese Department and dianggap tidak penting feels so suck.

Joanne's leaving. TT_____________TT Leaving me all alone in the library, sitting in one corner eating cookie processing books...
Wan Ying's parents so cute la. x3 Mummy has a hot bod. O______O *depressed* I love your piano, though it makes more noise than me. I love Sonata Pathetique.
Daddy has a magnetic voice, Shrimp.
Joanne's a pro. Whoaa. I love your fingers!
What did we do? Hmm, talking, joking, laughing, playing piano. I think everyone knows I liked (yes, PAST TENSE PLEASE) him. Lol! Dont tease ok, I'm really embarrassed.
Ne?! They still sing that song in form 3?! I thought end liao wei! Never mind, no disturbance now, that's the main point. The disturbance I mean is the really major one, like the one in form 1. OH GOSH DAMN MISERABLE LAH I.
Photos! But not so much. =( And, I'm gonna develop the group photo! One for everyone! So say thank you! x3

Joanne opening Shu Zhen's gift.

You know whose hands are whose.

Jo and Professor Theodore Bear

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