>> Wednesday, 31 January 2007

You must be kidding me.


>> Saturday, 27 January 2007

I just realized I've became a little bitchy this year.
Just a little teeny weeny, really.
Oh my goodness. Gosh. GEEZ.
So scary la I.

Yesterday night/this morning in about an hour or two I just photoshopped again.

The wonders of photoshop.

I like the fonts la. x3
After photoshoping, which was already about 2am, I went upstairs. I saw that really laame and predictable old chinese novel and read it till 4.06am.
Since mom didnt know I dont hv to go to school today, she, as usual, woke me up at 6.15.
No wonder I'm always related to a panda.

My uncle has a FULL collection of Qiong Yao's novels (that I thought he might be a gay but I'm not that conservative & traditional), that weepy soapy qing shen shen yu meng meng. xD
I still dont know why I liked that show in the first place.
I remember the second time I watched the show I was crying like a tap haha!


Future and Lipgloss

>> Friday, 26 January 2007

Nostalgia editorial board 07 pass!

Went to see Pn. Mary Ann. And I'm a people person.
If people person means able to make friends faster than you can say 'friends', then I'm not.
But if it means helping people, yeah!
I know, I know. Mr. Hyde punya Dr. Jekyll.
"Have to balance," quote Wan Ying.
Dont be too cynical! O_O
Anyways she says I can be a...
» Special education teacher (must be those video clips we watch in Putrajaya)
» Speech therapist
» Rehabilitation... stuff
» Physiotherapist
» Medical line
» Dentist xD
» Health Sciences
» Psychology
» Counselling
If, one day, you go to a hospital for a blood test and saw a lady scolding a paralyzed snobbish demanding old man, that must be Nurse Teongku. xP
I'm not that impatient, of course. It's hard to make me angry. Or bad mood. Unless I'm scolded. But in a few minutes I'll be ok again~!
Mom says I'm flexible. Happy-go-lucky, apa pun tak apa. Sis says I'm organised. xD
Wan Ying's are so artsy. Mass comm, performing arts. I tell you ah, her voice is like so teh and gentle *cugh* and child-like in front of Pn. Mary Ann that I go O_O *blink* She's moody, easily irritated/irritating, impatient, not a hands-on person, dependent. Wah, so accurate ah akaka!
Si Hui is science-y. Research, engineering, stuff.
I'm social.

After that went to KFC for lunch (Colonel burger and french fry, 1 quarter of Wan Ying's coke), then to Guardian to buy - guess what?


Yes, it's RM13.88. I tell you ar, I'm like those typical aunty, see cheap cheap stuff, some more this with lipstick thing with free lipjuice (?!) I can become blind wan.

Shampoo thick skinned ask the blind me to buy that.

In one day, two baby girls are one step nearer to adulthood.














200107 Joanne's Farewell Party

>> Sunday, 21 January 2007

Being in the Chinese Department and dianggap tidak penting feels so suck.

Joanne's leaving. TT_____________TT Leaving me all alone in the library, sitting in one corner eating cookie processing books...
Wan Ying's parents so cute la. x3 Mummy has a hot bod. O______O *depressed* I love your piano, though it makes more noise than me. I love Sonata Pathetique.
Daddy has a magnetic voice, Shrimp.
Joanne's a pro. Whoaa. I love your fingers!
What did we do? Hmm, talking, joking, laughing, playing piano. I think everyone knows I liked (yes, PAST TENSE PLEASE) him. Lol! Dont tease ok, I'm really embarrassed.
Ne?! They still sing that song in form 3?! I thought end liao wei! Never mind, no disturbance now, that's the main point. The disturbance I mean is the really major one, like the one in form 1. OH GOSH DAMN MISERABLE LAH I.
Photos! But not so much. =( And, I'm gonna develop the group photo! One for everyone! So say thank you! x3

Joanne opening Shu Zhen's gift.

You know whose hands are whose.

Jo and Professor Theodore Bear


random again

>> Friday, 19 January 2007

Reading Joanne Telur's blog made me emo.
Ah, yes, I'm very easily influenced, and I mean very.

I hv to be strict, said Pn. Monica. I'm too coward la.
Nicholas Lye = brother of Rebecca Lye's
Rebecca Lye = Pn. Monica's daughter
And therefore Nicholas Lye = Pn. Monica's son!
Little sister is 15 kg.

Marina Mahathir punya blog

Esther loves JJ! And so I decided to love her lol.
First and foremost I'm NOT a lesbian (but I cant promise you that I'm not one tomorrow, quoted from Gary Chaw) and I'm not *ahem* married *ahem* to anyone else except for Howl the vain one.
Bleah reading Gecko makes me write like this. O_O
I like Yuuri's English dubbing, btw. Jap seiyuu is like speaking with a chocolate in the mouth. Tak sedap hati la.

*toot* and Neko~!

"He wore that tall hat which he, too, had no idea what it is called. Mom said something about tall, but he thought it was a weird-looking mountain, and still is."
My style of writing.

Life's busy. Doing homework is the only thing I do.


Focks Lem

>> Thursday, 18 January 2007

I'm officially a Nostalgian! Congrat me! xP

Photos from Putrajaya

Pak Lah and other VVVVVVVIP was late. Terrible late. 1 hour! And we stood on stage smiling like idiots for hell-I-dont-know-30-minutes? and my jaw was so pain. Since he was in Johor I can understand la.
Hisham doesnt loook nice when he's not smiling. I love friendly people. And he's really friendly!
"Biasa lah Datuk Hisham pergi cakap dengan you, tetapi I tak tau tentang Pak Lah la. Kita tak tau. Dia mungkin akan cakap dengan you, mungkin tidak. Kalau dia cakap dengan you, you ucaplah 'Dato' Seri'."
Jonathan: "Hi, Dato'. Apa nombor?"
In the end Pak Lah didnt. He even used the other stair, the one which dont pass by us. He went up the stairs and pointed at us, and asked Hisham. "Eh, siapa tu?" (imagination) And then Hisham smiled at us! Ah I love friendly people.
Why do I seem like I'm crazy over him? xP
(There's a F3 guy who's also friendly and talktative and havent go through the puberty stage yet. -__________-;;)
Pak Lah said "di-summary". He was script-less, which results in long-winded speech with not a single out-of-topic sentence. It took about 20 minutes. Or was it 30?
When he was talking...
Jonathan's phone rang. "Eh why so long ah?" "Tha Pak Lah la."

Friendliness exists.



>> Sunday, 14 January 2007

Listening to: So Far Away

Computer! I miss you so! x3

Going for choir practice means missing bio and chem and physics and add maths.
I look weird in baju kurung. Like so fat xP
We are going to see so many people on Tuesday! Ooh, I just cant wait! x3
I know. We're just so cool. (LOL)
Datin seems like a good person. "We're not going to see the PM, but the PM is going to see us." Oh, we're suddenly in the upper-class society.
Gosh, what am I crapping about?
I hv a very very serious flu. *sniff sniff atishoo!*

My librarian shift is, as usual, on Friday, but different people! Yay! That means much more 'obedient' ppl. Not to say I'm an autocratic and mean and evil ketua harian Teongku are all my humble pity sweating slaves, but at least they actually hv something to do!
Library's 2nd computer can go online! Reading our fics and blogs in the school library, especially it's so public, makes everything so weird. As if we're so vain. xP
And, Shrimp, someone looked over our conversations (you know, the one with ahem?) HAHA.
Violet's friendster has lots of messages, lots of testimonials, and the one I'm really impressed is that she has a long list (ok four or five) friend requests! *envy*


My friends

>> Saturday, 6 January 2007

Name 12 of your friends you are thinking of right now:
01. Wan Ying
02. Wen Jo
03. Joanne
04. Qinmei
05. Yen Pin
06. Rene
07. Iyin
08. Chuu Khai
09. Yijienn
10. Esther
11. Cindy
12. Pei Fang

1. When did you meet 10? During std 5.
2. What would you do if you have never met 1? Nothing.
3. What would you do if 3 and 6 dated? OMG I'll faint.
4. Have you seen 9 cry before? I dont think so.
5. Do you think 5 is cute? YEAAAAAAAAAA.
6. What is 12 little secret? Actually I dont know!
7. What's 7 favourite colour? Black I guess.
8. How did I get to know 8? Same class in form 2, last year get to know her better.
9. Who's 4 going out with? Hmm I dunno. No one? Bleah.
10. Who's 5 to you? The 2nd stranger I talked to when I first came to DJ, one of my first friends in DJ. I dont say we're really very close, which I pour out my secrets, but she's really important to me. ^^
11. Would you stay over night at 11's house? Aiyah she's in US la. DUH.
12. Is 2 single? Yes she's single and no she's taken~!
13. What do you think about 3? Worries a lot but really nice!
14. What's the good side of 6? Trendy and very in, info centre LOL
15. What stuff do you have in common with 2? Likes Jap guys, kinda perasan, has once-beatiful mothers, likes singing, plays the piano!
16. What is the weaker side of 4? She's too lame (but that's what I like!), sometimes she pour out all the stuff in your pencil case and you hv to pick it up all by yourself (but I dont mind). Well till now I still cant find any LOL (you pray that I wont find any!)
17. Unforgettable memory with 1? Same class during form 3. She pollutes my mind, and when she actually discovered my *ahem* secret! (Yes, I knew! No matter how DUMB I am I'm still kinda sensitive!)



>> Friday, 5 January 2007

Nostalgia, here I come! x3
Application letter and resumè is so haaaaaaard. I bet my mom's annoyed because I'm slooow and kinda stupid and very dependent lol.
Ok well now I dont exactly mind if I'm picked. Application letter. Resume. Interview. Oh God. But I have to try! If I dont try I'll definitely not suceed! If I do I hv 50% of chance!
Must see things in a half-full way. Not half-empty.

I think I'm getting crazy. No, I know I'm already crazy!! GAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!
Just what am I thinking? Sheesh. How can I actually do that?!! It's illegal! Umm kinda. Ok well even if its not it's illgal to me. If rules are meant to be broken, my rules arent supposed to be. Hmm.
Should I actually accept the fact? I dont know.
I like her.
I hv a new nickname to be added on the list! Sekarang I Teongku lah, bow down to me! xP Also, I'm Nobody's Girl. And my left hand's mentality age is 3 years old. Or maybe worse lol.
My newer fic's poster is just so nice x3 And I just loooooove their names, thanks to Vita Brevis. At first I wanted to start a fanfic, a FANfic, but I cant picture them! They're just too cute lol. No seriously they're too cute. But I still use them in my poster.
JJ Lin and Rainie Yang! Cute, huh. (I just want to try a new pairing lol.)
And the characters and even settings, are so deja vu-ish and similar. Saw the ad of Silence and I started wondering whether there is originality in this world.
It's so colourful. *covers eyes*

New pengetua is kinda fierce. And her grip is so tight. O_O And Pn. Betty Chuah recognize me! Happy retirement!



>> Thursday, 4 January 2007

I joined the choir and ping pong club! Oh, yeah, this unflexible dumb girl plays ping pong! xD And there is just an amazing start in the choir group! Akaka Hisamuddin xD
Iyin told me that my kidney was somewhere around. O_O
It's spelled as PAEDOPHILE, not phidofile lol.

Monday - Choir
Tuesday - Ping Pong
Wednesday - Kesatria
Thursday - FREE! Might put piano lesson here.
Friday - Librarian duty (NO Chinese and buddhist societies)
Saturday - PBSM, theory lesson

Act cute HAHA. Chanting HAHA. I dont act cute.


2nd random in o7

>> Monday, 1 January 2007


Went to Batu Caves and thought I might die of exhaustion. Or vomit. Or faint and roll like a ball down to the ground. That proves that I'm very, very weak physically (but as in diseases I'm actually quite good) and should exercise. Bleah, exercise. Mom thought my heart ada problem HAHA.
Saw 4 Japanese boys! I know they're Japanese because they approached us. They wanted Mom to take photos for them, but she thought they're Chinese xD (Their digi cams very flat, and the flatness of these techno stuff made me feel insecure because of its fragility)
Shrimp, I think your standards a bit too high la. Cuz these Jap boys are kinda cute. They said 'sank you' to us and added a Jap word - something that ends with 'masu' and not arigatou. Very long, too. Maybe it means 'thank you so much', because there's no other stuff than that, unless they're saying 'you rock'. In a very embarrassing way, they're not talking to us xD
Yes, that's VERY embarrassing.
Heh, the moment I heard them speaking to us I knew they're Jap! At least they don't dress funny. Once upon a time we went to Carrefore/Giant and saw 3 Japs. One of them dressed so hip-hop-ish (and the girl obviously doesnt understand Msia's clothing culture) that it's obvious he doesnt belongs here.

Mom baked pizzas today! Not as nice as Pizza Hut's, since we dont hv enough mushroom and shredded chicken and cheese and PINEAPPLE, but it's still nice, cuz it's the best thing my mom can come up with xD She has no talent for baking, I tell you. Only cream puff, but that was all. And I ate 4 LOL.

I'm doing a blend/poster for my newer fic. (I'm on the way of completing the other one lol. Writer's block.) It's so colourful that I'm quite sure ppl who saw it will become blind. (Hey, that associates with the fic!) It was supposed to be a fanfic, FANfic, but due to the names it's not a fanfic anymore! They're too cute anyway.
Speaking of JJ *oops* I just read an article on the paper, but don't know how to translate it, especially that important word, so just read the original one.

Let us all jia you for that darn SPM!

Gah, photobucket is not working.
Shrimp, dont get upset. My mom says she dont recall me getting angry. -________-;;


Random post in 2007

HAPPY MERRY JOLLY NEW YEAR!! May all wishes come true!

It’s 2007 now. SPM is freaking me out. (Hey, it rhymes!)

I’m craving for hairbands. Big chunky hairbands. Does Atria sells this? xD

I’m collecting soda can tabs! If you have any, give me! I wanna make a soda can tab belt. It’s so beautiful. =3 So don’t just throw it into the rubbish bin; just give it to me, the other rubbish bin haha.

Joanne’s going to Australia! I have to find a new librarian friend before I become bored in librarian camp and hi-tea. I MUST GO. Also, I’m thinking of joining the Nostalgia people and join Chinese society and quit Interact! It’s my last year of school, and I want to make it really, really memorable. Oh, forget about having a boyfriend. *cough cough* Not like anyone wants me haha. I know what you’re thinking! Just bring that Kidney out of your mind.
His uh nickname did make out a joke. A very stupid one.
“Eh, your sen (kidney in Chinese) stood up,” said Iyin my faux hubby.
“Huh? What? My kidney?” said Zee Iyin’s faux wife. She touched her back while glancing the crowded hall, and saw ahem him standing.
Oh. Right. I forgot. (I know I wrote this before in my blog…)
Hey, 2 years of him absent in my life *coughs again* really do make him into a kidney HAHAHA.
Ok well back to the story. They say getting a bf/gf during school years will just make you love him/her until like the love in Autumn In My Heart: so ‘dai gin si’ haha. Because we’re still childish and thought love is like those we watch on TV – hold hands, kiss kiss, eat ice-cream, shopping, blahs, and in American dramas, sex. Ah, beautiful days. Next year (2008, that is), we’ll not be like that. Nah, don’t think F6 is gonna be like that.

Gah. Taiwan’s earthquake makes Photobucket useless. Of all websites!

Hybrid is a photograph/technique where the photograph is black and white and only something is coloured to attract attention. Ooh. That makes me wanna be a photographer xD

Speaking of jobs, I suddenly think psychology is not for me. I read the psychology and thought it’s kinda interesting, but it was so hard for me to digest, not a single thing!
The only thing I know is that psychology derives from 2 Latin words - psyche as mind and logo as study, which also means psychology is the study of the mind. Bleah, I read this so many times already.
My second choice is journalism or mass communication. But I want to help ppl!(Oh, yeah, evil Yours Truly wants to help ppl!) Die la. I’m going to be in F5 and I don’t know what the h*ll I’m supposed to do with my life! I cant just simply shoot like in objectives. SIGH. Have to see Pn. Mary Ann. MUST.

How to act more mature?

And again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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